• Labor of Love: Our plan is to release the update on PC at 10 am EST on September 28th. We’ll push all other approved platforms live at that time, keep in mind, those systems are more complex, so actual time it arrives on your device could vary - you’ll want to keep an eye out!

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  1. Shockah

    tAPI Mod suggestions/requests/ideas

    Apparently there is no such thread just yet on these forums, and there was one on Terraria Online; might want to use this thread instead of creating a new thread for each suggestion (feel free to still make one and then link it here if your suggestion is a really long one, though!). Comments on...
  2. Shockah

    tAPI Shockah's tweak mods

    Introduction Hi, welcome to my tAPI mods thread! I'm Shockah, a 20 years old (at the moment of writing this post) coder (mostly doing Java, but good at C#, GML too; also doing some PHP, HTML + CSS + JS, C(++), Lua stuff). I started coding when I was 8. It quickly became my hobby, my passion...
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