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  1. zetaPRIME

    tAPI WorldGen Plus ~ Why stop at a world when you can have a multiverse?

    Finally, after more than a month of waiting for r11 to be public, and almost as long not getting around to doing much beyond idle planning (<.<), I'm finally ready to introduce: ~ WorldGen Plus for tAPI ~ Veterans of the Terraria modding scene may remember this project from back in the days of...
  2. zetaPRIME

    tAPI Project Boundless ~no limits, not even the sky~

    ~ g o - b e y o n d - e v e r y t h i n g ~ Welcome to Project Boundless, possibly one of the most ambitious Terraria mod projects ever created. This is an overarching mechanics and content mod stretching from early game to endgame... and far beyond. Planned features include: - Infusion...
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