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  1. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Resolved In terraria I can't type the name for my character and I cant scroll through the hotbar

    I don't know how do I fix this EDIT: I unplugged and replugged my mouse and keyboard. I think that fixed it. The mods can now swoop in and lock this thread @Tunnel_king.
  2. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Im trying to find the config settings for the overhaul mod

    I went to the mod folder and opened up the config folder with notepad and I cant find any mod related settings on it.
  3. Asteroidal_Assassin

    The crates in pre hardmode

    Here is some background I don't like it when the hallow or corruption spreads to my base and breaking demon alters for ores turns random blocks in your world in the hallow or corruption. So i've decided to fish up a bunch of crates before hardmode and open them when it is hardmode and use the...
  4. Asteroidal_Assassin

    PC I am playing a ranger character on expert mode. Should I use molten armor or necro?

    I have been thinking should I sacrifice defense in order to deal more damage and consume less damage or keep my molten armor and just use the bone glove?
  5. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Expert mode help

    I created a medium sized world on expert mode and I am now planning to set up a house behind the Dungeon. The reason I am planning to make a house behind the dungeon is because it is very easy to defend against the corruption. I already explored what it took to go to the dungeon with a high...
  6. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Could the traders be treasure hunters that are using the player to get the loot for themselves

    In the land of terraria that one gold sword is not worth that much but back at the mainland it is priceless.
  7. Asteroidal_Assassin

    What would happen if the minecraft "seed" system was added in this game

    In minecraft there is a "seed" system every world has a line of text that can generate them. It is common on the internet for people to share these seeds; minecraft players might find seeds for certain treasures, generated structures, land formations and or biomes. I am just wondering what is a...
  8. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Truth or Dare forum game

    You should probably somewhat understand this... I hope this does not bring out too much of your insane middle school self. One player says dare or truth. If they pick truth they have to answer a question chosen by the next poster If they pick dare they have to do a feat said by the next poster...
  9. Asteroidal_Assassin

    If someone where to play Terraria without any internet support...

    I have been thinking for a while what if someone played Terraria without any exposure to the internet and had to figure out everything by themselves (except the controls said person was taught the controls). Perhaps a farmer without internet or that much technology gets a special computer that...
  10. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Scariest thing in Terraria?

    For me its the first time me and my brothers entered hardmode. In the fight with the wall of flesh my brother who was the last survivor died right after he took the final hit on it so we had to go back down and get it... We had to see all of the horrors of the crimson in immense detail. And...
  11. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Need help with keyboard controls

    I have not played terraria for a few months. I mostly spent my time doing other things In that time my hands got a bit stiff and clumsy and this is a large disadvantage with boss fights it does not help that I get tense while I battle bosses. Any tips?
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