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  1. Realith

    Audio Media Why Did Jesus Become a Man?

    https://www.davidjeremiah.org/site/radio_player.aspx?id=2798 Part of the series "Why the Nativity?" Turning Point website
  2. Realith

    Audio Media The Unforgivable Sin

    Part 1: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-11-13 Part 2: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-11-14 Part 3: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-11-15
  3. Realith

    Visual Media Angels and Demons

    "Angels walk among men." "The purpose of Demons seems to be two-fold: They seek to hinder the purpose of God And extend the power of Satan" https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/webcast/watch/angels-and-demons-110818
  4. Realith

    Audio Media How to Effectively Resist Temptation

    Part 1: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-09-24 Part 2: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-09-25 Part 3: https://www.harvest.org/watch-and-listen/radio/listen/2018-09-26
  5. Realith

    Profile Pic Prob

    Hey! I'm trying to change my avatar to this: But the web keeps saying "this file is too big. It must not exceed 250KB." or something like that even though the image is: 219.3 KB and 201 pixels in size. I would truly appreciate your help. (P.S I remember this issue happening in the...
  6. Realith

    TCF Suggestion Personal Gallery

    I'd like to suggest a personal gallery for every user in the TCF. Whether the picture is in a profile post or thread, it would collect into one place somewhere on the users profile. This excludes private messages because, well, they're private.
  7. Realith

    Story Terrraria

    Notes: The random words where swear words should be are just replacements (I HATE swearing [weird, I know] so this story is 100% clean). I also post irregularly so keep checkin' for updates :). Helpful criticism is welcome. Chapter - 1 - Taken Wandering through the forest, Will, Jay, Mira...
  8. Realith

    Whats Your NEW Silly Name?

    Use your TCF name or your REAL name (if you dare) with this chart to get your new silly/funny name!
  9. Realith

    The never-ending Sentence

    Just add something that continues the sentence . . . any length! Begin! There was once a little . . .
  10. Realith

    WIP Small shrine

    I have an itch to add stuff to it
  11. Realith

    PC Heart Statue Problem

    tried connecting a 5-second timer to a heart statue but that didn't work, next tried a switch. it worked the first time I clicked it but after it wouldn't spit out any more hearts. any solutions to this?
  12. Realith

    Pixel Art Realm's PXL Art!

    Hello Everyone! The name's Realm and I have a small interest in Pixel "Arting" the thread would be just all my little works in one place. Enjoy! Here you can also request a fancy name like this: Give me the size in pixels if you want one :) (i'm just beginning so everything...
  13. Realith

    Automatic Torch Placer

    Everyone knows how annoying manually placing torches is. So I'm suggesting an accessory that would automatically place torches. It would be sold my the Skeleton Merchant at the same time the Magic lantern is Available. Its appearance would simply be a belt with torches on it (I was also...
  14. Realith

    What's your situation?

    Tomorrow you wake up in the body of your most-frequently-used Terrarian character in your least-used world. How awesome/horrible will your life be?
  15. Realith

    When you have really HIGH ping :)

    Has it ever been this bad?
  16. Realith

    How do you put pictures/media in profile posts?

    I've seen many other members do it and I want to join in!
  17. Realith

    How do you get pics from your files into a TCF thread/post?

    As the title asks, how do I do this? I know there is a button that says "image" every time you make a new post and when you click on that button it would ask for the images URL. I tested using a random picture on the internet and it worked but when I tried getting one from my own files it...
  18. Realith

    PC Chlorophyte Bullet Glitch?

    I was fighting the Solar Pillar with full ranger gear, Sniper rifle in hand with chlorophyte bullets. Then proceeded in destroying all mobs but one Corite came behind me and one of those bullets came straight back, shattering me into a million pieces! Is this normal? HELP!
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