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  1. bawr

    [Projects] Tracktronics CPU

    So, I've finally begun work on a simple 8-bit computer in Terraria, powered by rails. (Yeah, I know it would be faster with hoiks, you're free to create a similar project with hoiks. ;)) Currently I have a clean number comparer and a full adder implemented, along with a number of logic gates...
  2. bawr

    tAPI BAWR Tweaks

    This is going to be a collection of non-content mods. BAWR.Craft BAWR.Craft is a portable crafting guide with a twist. Press F, and you get a crafting guide screen anywhere. That's the basic part. The advanced part is where you use 5 books to create a Crafting Guidebook. Putting the book in...
  3. bawr

    Tool tDev - a proper developer mode for tAPI

    tDev what? tDev is a tool for mod makers. It's basically an addition to tAPI (tested with 14.a) with a few little tweaks geared towards developing and debugging your mod: Uses a completely separate game folder. Where tAPI uses "My Games\Terraria\tAPI", tDev uses "My Games\Terraria\tDev"...
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