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  1. Seth The Bee Cultist

    PC The Hammer-Only Playthrough!

    Hello! Welcome to my first playthrough i'm putting on the forums! This playthrough is using hammer weapons ONLY, no exceptions. For the next set of chapters, visit here http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-hammer-only-playthrough.49663/page-2
  2. Seth The Bee Cultist

    Expert Mage Plantera Help

    Hello! I started a mage playthrough, but even with a large arena, tons of buffs, and amazing gear, Plantera still rips me to shreds. My gear: All chlorophyte armor (With mage helmet) Armored Red's Wings Warding Lightning Boots Armored Star Veil Menacing Shield of Cthulhu / Warding Obsidian...
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