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  1. Topaz_bastion

    Does anyone know why this artwork was in my copy of Terraria

    I bought this copy of Terraria a few years back and I've always wondered why this piece of artwork was in it I don't think its fan art because it is copyrighted by re-logic I was wondering if this was rare or not
  2. Topaz_bastion

    Ask me anything

    this is an AMA as you can tell
  3. Topaz_bastion

    Oasis of misery (fresh expert mode playthrough)

    fresh run is going great, started about a week ago me (summoner) and a couple of friends (mage and ranger) we are currently at max pre-hardmode health I have bee armor with the imp staff and snapthorn our mage has meteorite armor, a diamond staff, space gun, and grey zapinator, and our ranger...
  4. Topaz_bastion

    PS4 Can't assign Npc's to housing or check to see if the house is valid or not

    I've tried everything to get it to work and nothing seems to happen each time I select the question mark option and nothing happen when I click a house with it, same with npcs
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