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  1. John Snail

    PC Missing pixel on Leather Whip and likely other whips

    All the methods that begin with DrawWhip_ share a lot of the same code, so it's safe to assume this is an issue with other whips as well.
  2. John Snail

    PC Unusual use sounds for certain items

    Some new items added in 1.4 all make the same sound when used: Item113, Deadly Sphere Staff's sound. It's very unfitting for most, and I propose different sounds for them: Sanguine Staff: Item83 (Spider Staff) or Item113 (the only item where Deadly Sphere Staff's sound kind of fits) Blood...
  3. John Snail

    PC Collector's Edition anti-piracy check is substantially weaker than in 1.3

    A change to the boolean that determines whether the player starts with the Carrot and can summon the Bunny pet has inadvertently made it trivial to bypass. In 1.3, its value doesn't change, requiring a modification to the game's executable. In 1.4, it is set to true if the game detects that a...
  4. John Snail

    Palladium Pike and Orichalcum Halberd's names are misnomers

    Doesn't affect gameplay at all, but the names of Palladium Pike and Orichalcum Halberd don't match their sprites. The former looks more like a poleaxe, and the latter looks more like a bill. The fix would be to simply rename them to "Palladium Poleaxe" and "Orichalcum Bill", and change their...
  5. John Snail

    **REPORTED** Large items appear tiny in chat

    Items with textures larger than 32x32, such as the Breaker Blade, are downscaled twice when inserted into a chat message. Removing this statement in ItemSnippet.UniqueDraw... ...results in the items being correctly downscaled, even ones with very large textures (400x400 & 120x31)...
  6. John Snail

    **REPORTED** Extreme server-side lag in Multiplayer

    I tried hosting a server for 6-7 people on launch day, and for whatever reason, the server could NOT keep up. Enemies and the time kept snapping back to their previous positions, and items took almost a second to drop from blocks at times. This is odd, since I've hosted a server for 8 people...
  7. John Snail

    tModLoader GaMeTerraria

    A mod based on the YouTube musician, GaMetal. Official Discord Server | Alt. download link Originally starting out as just a little mod for a few friends, it has evolved into one with content never seen before! Don't know what GaMetal is? That's okay! GMT can be enjoyed by Terraria and GaMetal...
  8. John Snail

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    Subworld Library Dimensions, made easy. Wiki — Direct Mod Browser download link — Alt. download link Subworld Library allows you to easily add dimensions (referred to as subworlds), handling most of the hard work, including loading, saving, and Multiplayer compatibility. What it does, in more...
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