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  1. Alucard_I

    tModLoader [WIP] Risk of Slime Rain - Risk of Rain in Terraria

    Current version: (08.02) dd.MM format > RISK OF SLIME RAIN < Risk of Slime Rain is a mod, that aims to bring Risk of Rain, a rogue-lite platformer into Terraria! Expect the items, enemies, bosses and characters to appear in the mod over time! All items are consumable and provide...
  2. Alucard_I

    TEdit 1.3: Possible release date

    Is it known yet? I've tasted the experimental release, but it keeps crashing for me.
  3. Alucard_I

    Humorous HYPE

    Guys. Terraria 1.3 is out. You know what time is it? >This time<
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