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  1. Girder

    Keep losing my summons?!

    I'm playing with Calamity, Thorium, Shadows of Abaddon and Fargo's Soul Mod for my main content mods (those are the one's explicitly supported by Fargo's Soul Mod, which I'm playing with for the first time). I've gotten to hard mod, taken down a number of bosses including the mechanical bosses...
  2. Girder

    tModLoader Mod Request: limit on how fast torches can be placed

    One of the things that I could really use as a QoL mod for - a mod that limits how rapidly you can place torches. I use a mapped "Auto Select" key for mining and torch placement (and tree chopping), but so, so, so often I ended up dropping anywhere from 2 to 8 or more (?) torches when I'm just...
  3. Girder

    World is corrupt

    I've spent a lot of time in my current world after defeating the Wall of Flesh and triggering Hardmode, building up my NPC city. Now I'm getting the notice "World is corrupt" when I log into it. FWIW I'm not in any danger of having my town become corrupt (or hallowed for that matter). What'd...
  4. Girder

    tModLoader Looking for content (biomes/structures/npcs/etc) mods

    Hi. I'm looking for any more mods that add new biomes/structures/etc on worldgen, or town npcs, or other similar features. (i.e. not mobs, weapons, armor, etc). Currently using • AlchemistNPC.tmod • Antiaris.tmod (not working right though, structures like the Guide's house aren't...
  5. Girder

    tModLoader It seems Tremor is bugging Goblin Army invasion for me

    Been having this problem the last day or two. Rolled a few worlds, played them up to the point the GA invasion should happen (200 hp, Orb/Heart broken), but instead of a full invasion I only get occasional spawns of Tremor's two goblins, the standard bearer and the bomb. I've even tried farming...
  6. Girder

    Multiplayer - LFG?

    I'm looking to try multiplayer Terrarira, however, even though I have almost 1000 hours logged playing solo, I'm a little lost here. Would anybody be kind off to tell me how to go about getting started? Thanks
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