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  1. Mooshmallo

    Turkor and lepus in the next update for nostalgia reasons!

    i think that turkor was a pretty cool and unique boss, with the whole hydra battle. lepus, on the other hand, is just more annoying king slime.
  2. Mooshmallo

    Pelicans as the ocean version of Harpies

    Are you on a small world?
  3. Mooshmallo

    Pelicans as the ocean version of Harpies

    Are you at the sky limit?
  4. Mooshmallo

    A manually spread trophy biome

    The crimson, corruption, and hallow are all biomes that can spread. The thing is, they all show up without the player doing anything. In fact, it’s more impressive to have less of these biomes in your world. This is why I suggest a new biome that spreads like the world evils and the hallow, but...
  5. Mooshmallo

    Texture Pack Plants Vs Zombies Peashooters

    Haha that’s great
  6. Mooshmallo

    Other Literature My Edit of the Lore Document

    so anyway, after I read the Lore document, I noticed that a lot of stuff was still open to interpretation, so after I made quite a few speculations, I edited it to show you guys my interpretation of the story. I think that this classifies as literature, so I'll post it here. Anyway, Here we go...
  7. Mooshmallo

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    It’s nice to see that even though you gave it a bit of a story, you left quite a bit up to interpretation. For example, the eater of worlds might be Cthulhu’s spine, maybe not. It might have been the cultists that cursed the dungeon, or a group who came before. You told us that there are...
  8. Mooshmallo

    Bosses should drop per player loot in normal mode

    They are higher quantity in expert mode because the boss are harder there. You shouldn’t multiply the amount of loot a boss when the boss actually becomes easier when you fight co-op
  9. Mooshmallo

    Bosses should drop per player loot in normal mode

    I’m normal mode they do not drop bags, but instead drop just their regular items, which help you progress in game. I can see this being exploited through just giving all of the duplicate loot from other players to just one guy, letting them get more resources then they should have from fighting...
  10. Mooshmallo

    Summons should attack target dummies

    Yeah I agree
  11. Mooshmallo

    The Kraken! A new pre hardmode boss!

    Hmm I think that this could be a good idea, and maybe it could drop loot that is equivalent to hellstone?
  12. Mooshmallo

    Sprites I thought of a npc that could be added.

    one thing that must be done to this npc is that they must have an Italian accent. Mama Mia
  13. Mooshmallo

    Bosses should drop per player loot in normal mode

    I think that people would exploit it a lot… good idea though
  14. Mooshmallo

    PC Baba Yaga Boss Idea

    Baba Yaga would be a cool boss. Maybe you would have to hit its legs to damage it, and it could crouch down to hide them and be invulnerable when doing this?
  15. Mooshmallo

    More townsfolk (and other NPCs)

    Yeah this would be great. Would have to appear in terraria 2 though
  16. Mooshmallo

    Purple Glowing Destroyer

    Well it is the mech version of a corruption boss, so maybe it would be cool?
  17. Mooshmallo


    I want them all
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