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  1. Mooshmallo

    A manually spread trophy biome

    The crimson, corruption, and hallow are all biomes that can spread. The thing is, they all show up without the player doing anything. In fact, it’s more impressive to have less of these biomes in your world. This is why I suggest a new biome that spreads like the world evils and the hallow, but...
  2. Mooshmallo

    Other Literature My Edit of the Lore Document

    so anyway, after I read the Lore document, I noticed that a lot of stuff was still open to interpretation, so after I made quite a few speculations, I edited it to show you guys my interpretation of the story. I think that this classifies as literature, so I'll post it here. Anyway, Here we go...
  3. Mooshmallo

    Summons should attack target dummies

    Summoner build in terraria is pretty weak, but it’s super fun. There is one major problem though. Your summons won’t attack target dummies, making it difficult to see what the dps of the weapon is. This might have already been patched in the newest update, but as far as I know it hasn’t. That’s...
  4. Mooshmallo

    Shadow realm/void biome? (Beneath underworld)

    Ok. I know trust many people have suggested similar things, but I was thinking about a shadow realm under the underworld. It would be located under a layer of incredibly hard stone, only breakable in mid-hardmode and beyond. It would be a darkness themed zone with some interesting features...
  5. Mooshmallo

    Better summons

    I know that summon already got an update, but it was mostly pre hardmode stuff that becomes useless queen bee and beyond. We really just need at least a new buff item, or a new minion. Just thought it would be cool
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