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  1. Melstar

    Texture Pack Spirits of Halloween! (costume parties)

    Spirits of Halloween! Hello! Happy Halloween! This texture pack makes all party-related content Halloween-themed! The Party Girl is replaced with the Spirit of Halloween. All NPCs wear unique costumes during parties (some of them don't have party sprites so they wear them all the time)...
  2. Melstar

    PC Coloring names with Localization

    To be honest, this is a weird bug, and I feel like it's the result of utilizing a feature where it wasn't meant to be used. So I just figured out you can change text color with [c/FF0000: text] so I tried it on item and NPC names using a language pack. Items: the code works correctly in the...
  3. Melstar

    PC Sounds in tModLoader and wavebanks not working after

    Alright, so after the latest update ( I noticed three things: The wavebank's size went from 50,000KB to 200,000KB, somehow. Custom wavebanks don't work anymore. Running the game with a custom wavebank will result in silence and the game being stuck in the loading screen. Sounds are...
  4. Melstar

    **REPORTED** Textures in texture packs not working

    For some reason, some textures in my texture pack don't work in-game. And no, I'm not talking about items with modified sizes. Yellow willow and sakura tree tops Before 1.4.1, the Tree_Tops_29 and Tree_Tops_30's dimensions were 348x98. After 1.4.1, they were changed to 360x98. In both versions...
  5. Melstar

    Texture Pack The Unholy Waters

    The Unholy Waters is a small texture pack that changes the corrupted and crimson water to look like cursed water and ichor water, respectively. That's it. haha funny joke about piss The effect also applies to fountains and rain. Ice Edition! If you download the Ice Edition, corrupt and...
  6. Melstar

    Texture Pack Easy-to-See Duke

    The Easy-to-See Duke texture pack changes Duke Fishron's glow so you can see all his body instead of just his eyes during his third phase. This effect is also applied to his second phase.
  7. Melstar

    Texture Pack Melstar's Minecraft Texturepack

    Welcome to Melstar's Minecraft Texturepack! This pack aims to make the game look like Minecraft, but you already knew that. News and Spoilers (1.4 out now! 1.5 coming soon...) [/SPOILER]...
  8. Melstar

    tModLoader More Costumes Mod

    More Costumes and Vanity Heya, welcome to More Costumes and Vanity! This mod adds costumes and clothes from different universes. It also adds skins for weapons and decorative blocks. Mod can be downloaded from the Mod Browser. Latest version: 1.60. No new entire costumes will be added until...
  9. Melstar

    tModLoader PrisM Mod (Unreleased)

    (In progress) The PrisM Mod is (will be) a content mod that we are building. We're new with these things so don't expect absolutely awesome enemies and objects. We need you! We need people that know how to compose good original music and remixes. Download This mod is still under work, so it...
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