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  1. Treesmasher

    PC Milkyway Weaver Sound Bug

    Hello, found a possible bug with the sound file of the Milkyway Weaver, which you can view in this video. I am unsure if it is a bug or not, but the Milkyway Weaver makes the same sound that a worm-type creature makes when digging through the ground, which normally is not a problem, but this...
  2. Treesmasher

    Hiya Everyone

    Hello all, Tree here. Just realized I never actually introduced myself on the forums when I joined, so when's a better time that now, I suppose. My name over here is Treesmasher, but many call me Tree. Currently 17 years of age and sporting a over one year membership here. I recently got into...
  3. Treesmasher

    PC Terraria Refuses to Play

    Hello all, I am currently unable to play Terraria anymore. Whenever I attempt to, it will say it is running. But, it actually will only run in the background. I am unable to actually do anything. I have deleted and reinstalled the game several times now, in the hope of fixing this problem. Any...
  4. Treesmasher

    PC Duke Fishron 1.3 Multiplayer Bug: Disapearing Fishron

    Hello fellow terrarians! Today, I have a very annoying bug to report. When in multiplayer, if the player that the Duke is agroed on teleports away, Duke Fishron will immediately de-spawn, even if other players are on screen. I have no accompanying screenshots of this happening, but it happened...
  5. Treesmasher

    PC WTB Many Mechanical Worm Summoning Items

    Hello all! As the title says, I would like to buy many Mechanical Worm summoning items. I am paying 2 platinum for every 10. Just add me on steam at crash199911! I am also willing to trade other items of value.
  6. Treesmasher

    PC Hey all, I am selling any item! (Within reason)

    I am selling every weapon in the game. Just ask me what you wish to buy along with a good price and I will either look for it or grind for it. I will sell every weapon within reason.
  7. Treesmasher

    Need help with tConfig

    Hey guys, Treesmasher here. I wish to play the 1.1.2 Avalon mod, but to do that, I need tConfig. I already have Game Launcher. Can someone please tell me in the simplest terms possible how to install it properly and get it working? As I said, I need it in the simplest terms possible. If you can...
  8. Treesmasher

    PC The S.W.R.L, or in other words, The Space Whale Rocket Launcher

    Hello everyone, Treesmasher here with my very first suggestion. As many of you know, within all inventory editors, there is a weapon known as the S.D.M.G, The Space Dolphin Machine Gun. I figured that this weapon needed a friend, so here it is. The Space Whale Rocket Launcher: (No Picture as of...
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