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  1. Trololololol

    tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

    THIS MOD IS BUILD ON TOP OF THE TRALAMIUM MOD, THE TERRALAND MOD, AND THE ORSON"S MOD. Hi, I am Trololololol, the creator of the Taradoxian mod. This mod will be following a storyline of some sort, but for now, the storyline will not be posted till we find all the mistakes in it. This mod is...
  2. Trololololol

    tModLoader The Random Mod

    Hey, everyone, I am Trololololol(five o) So when T mod loader first came out, I always wanted to make a big mod that everyone can just add whatever they want into the game, and I think this is what T mod loader and the entire mod thing suppose to do. Buttt now, I feel like that many people...
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