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  1. Molt3nYT

    tModLoader S-Pladison's Mods

    I am requesting a Yo-Yo: Noob's Yo-Yo (pre hardmode so not too op) you need: 5 iron bars, wooden yoyo, 20 copper bars and to top it off 5 lenses. damage: hmm maybe around 15-17 damage also, can be dropped 10% chance by Undead Miners. 5% critical strike chance fast speed good knockback normal...
  2. Molt3nYT

    yes i am totally 107 years old

    yes i am totally 107 years old
  3. Molt3nYT

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    this is a very cool mod, it is just that when i use quick select for weapons it uses a copper shortsword. i have tried changing it but it only shows that one sword. plz help oh woops it works with anything but broadswords. actually i think that it is just me. sorry but t might not so idk
  4. Molt3nYT

    tModLoader Yoyo-Expansion

    where is the download link
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