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  1. CTNC

    Ask a pineapple (?) and their OC's almost anything

    What's your opinion on Pineapple Pizza?
  2. CTNC

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Just want to point this out for the memes. Toilets count as chairs, which means... Tera Toilet Nerf!
  3. CTNC

    The Unreal_Megashark's (or Mecha_Twitchy's) AMA

    With the AMA being titled, "The Unreal_Megashark's" I have to ask, are you half shark, half trans girl, and completely awesome? (Also have to ask, did you change your username after making this AMA but not change the title?) I could ask something like what's the easiest and hardest Mech Bosses...
  4. CTNC

    A faster way to construct landscapes (like shovel but for placing)

    Definitely agree that building and filling in spaces could be made easier. I'm sure I'd accidentally place the wrong block a lot like I have the wrong paint a lot, (which is mostly my problem) especially if the block choices were limited. Thinking about filling in places made me think of an...
  5. CTNC

    **REPORTED** Possible Error with the Shimmered Zoologist's Hand in one sprite

    I found another minor thing! Posing it here instead of making another bug report because it's so minor. I seriously wouldn't have been able to catch this stuff in game. There's a misalignment with a Gore Sprite. Bottom row of Pixels. The only changes I made to the pic were making it bigger and...
  6. CTNC

    What is one item that NPCs sell that you have never, ever bought?

    Wanting to research as much as possible in Journey Mode has made me buy everything, so I can't say there's anything I've never bought except maybe some of the Traveling Merchant's Christmas Paintings because of the limited time frame before 1.4.4. Being a fan of vanity and building also makes...
  7. CTNC

    Add drops for shimmer slimes

    It'd go into the lake at first, but it'd overflow if you spent a lot of time there, like if you were building houses there or reforging stuff with the Goblin Tinkerer.
  8. CTNC

    Add drops for shimmer slimes

    It feels weird to me that the Shimmer Slime doesn't drop anything, not even Gel. I'd ask for a chance of Pink Gel too and being twice as likely to drop a Slime Staff. Spawning Shimmer Liquid would get very annoying very quick. Clean up without a Super Absorbent Sponge and accidentally falling...
  9. CTNC

    What is one game you would love to see collaborate with terraria

    Would saying Smash Bros Ultimate for every game repersented in it be cheating? Legend of Zelda. IIRC, Breath of the Wild had inspiration fro Terraria and Terraria 1.4 had inspiration from Breath of the Wild. Imagine the Eater of Worlds or Plantera in Zelda! No idea what Terraria would be likely...
  10. CTNC

    **REPORTED** Possible Error with the Shimmered Zoologist's Hand in one sprite

    In the first sprite below the walking animation sprites, the Shimmered Zoologist's front hand has different shading than every other frame she's not walking or sitting in. (The top one in this screenshot) I'm not sure which 1.4.4.X I extracted sprites from, so I said 1.4.4. (If you're...
  11. CTNC

    How minions work?

    Whips can deal Damage without Minions, but they're not very good without Minions. It says Summon Damage because there are 4 different types of Damage. Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summon. Each weapon deals one type of those types of damage and later in the game, (Mostly in Hard Mode,) you'll get...
  12. CTNC

    How minions work?

    You Summon Minions by using Non-Whip Summon Weapons. Minions attack automatically and stay until you die or leave the world, so you can (and should) use other stuff too while you have Minions. Without anything that increases how many Minions you can have, you can only have one at a time. You...
  13. CTNC

    Mobile crimson or corruption?

    The choice of Evils can be seen as a choice between the Bosses and their Expert Mode drops. The Eater of Worlds is easily one of the most fun bosses in the game, so Corruption wins there. The Brain of Confusion gives an offensive boost when it prevents damage, but the Worm Scarf's protection is...
  14. CTNC

    zenith(sword) won't break pot?(after 1.4.4 update)

    Do you have a Guide to Environmental Preservation? (or Guide to Peaceful Coexistence) It prevents you from breaking pots. You can right click it to activate/deactivate it so you can break pots.
  15. CTNC

    Labor of Love GET FIXED BOI Thoughts

    It's a mix of every other Special Seed. The Drunk Seed, Not the Bees, For the Worthy, CelebrationMk10, The Constant, No Traps, and Don't Dig Up. To make things even more chaotic, the Mech Bosses are a little different. Without Spoiling everything, here's a list of changes you should know about...
  16. CTNC

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Are you saying sitting on the Terra Toilet is overpowered and that you're not joking about it? The good news for chairs not being overpowered is that already happens. The bad news is Knockback Immunity stops you from being pushed off. Feels odd that getting attacked doesn't force you out of bed...
  17. CTNC

    Shimmered NPCs - I don't get all references

    The Zoologist was made 4 Years before the update that added her? :eek: Was the version used for Shimmer based on Little Red Riding Hood? While I'm asking stuff, are the Guide and Steampunker based on Redigit and Cenx? I'm just asking so Chippy doesn't have to say he doesn't look like that, but...
  18. CTNC

    Allow us to place candles on solid blocks

    I've been wanting to put Living Wood and Ash Wood Candles on Living Wood and Living Mahogany Blocks for my trees! Having to settle for only having Ash Wood Lamps is annoying. There's also the utility of Peace and Water Candles wherever you want. Making it too easy to use those may be part of...
  19. CTNC

    if you could have 1 item in terraria in real life what would it be?

    Slice of Cake! Not joking. The cake the Party Girl gives you never runs out. Infinite cake! :eek:
  20. CTNC

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    The Balloon Pufferfish can be changed into a Shiny Red Balloon, so why not make the Tsunami in a Bottle change into a Cloud in a Bottle?
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