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  1. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT It's been so long since i've checked or even thought of this incredible mod Huge shoutout to the youtube algorithm recommending Ryuusei's video covering this mod After I get out of work tomorrow I'm going to ultra degen and thoroughly enjoy playing it It's...
  2. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader Mod Helpers

    Sorry for the kinda late reply. I'm not getting the error anymore, i guess it was a one time thing. Thanks anyways though.
  3. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    As it turns out getting rid of Chest Browser solved our problem, but now another issue we have is that my computer can't handle running a server with that many mods and play it at the same time without very consistent lag. Thanks for the help.
  4. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    So me and a friend of mine wanted to load up tmodloader with a ton of mods, so we slapped 82 mods together and for some unknown reason whenever one of us hosts the other person cannot join and the host cannot harvest resources from blocks, but they can from mobs. If someone has a solution please...
  5. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader Mod Helpers

    For some reason i get an in game error that hamstar's helpers in not up to date when i already updated it in the mod browser. Should i do anything about this?
  6. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    Hey uh, apparently the Thorium mod messes with the Duel Wielding mod and it makes it so that when you duel wield, two of your character appears and it's very annoying, I haven't tested this myself yet but i visited another forum that said that this mod caused that bug, so uh, please fix this...
  7. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tAPI [Help Me!] Mobs Not Spawning TModLoader Multiplayer

    also playing multiplayer with a friend and mobs wont spawn, and i cant find any fixes for it, someone please help us...
  8. FlashBombTheGepgun

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    wait never mind, im just being really stupid, it was the helmet i was wearing, false alarm, just ignore it.
  9. FlashBombTheGepgun

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Does anyone know how to fix how my character magic damage percentage is in the negatives? i cant use most magic damaging items and it really bothers me, here a list of all the mods i use, "AlchamistNPC","BetterPotions","BlousterMod","BonusSwordsMod","BossHealthBars"...
  10. FlashBombTheGepgun

    tModLoader [WIP] Zelda Mod

    I literally JUST made an account to tell you that the amount of twilight lamps is completely insane, even on large worlds. My idea is that you make some kind of structure that can only be accessed if you have the moon pearl, so that the lamps would actually be guarding something unlike the lamps...
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