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  1. Saleh

    PC Selling Golden Fishing Rod and Golden Bug Net

    I have extra of them. offer.
  2. Saleh

    Is 1.4 really the last update?

    I think Terraria has so much more to add
  3. Saleh

    Terraria just got an update.. does anyone know what it is all about?

    where is changelog? edit; nevermind i found the changelog here: Terraria: Journey's End - Hotfix Changelog
  4. Saleh

    **REPORTED** Boulder missing breaking sound

    I am not sure if this a bug or not but there is no sound for breaking the boulder.
  5. Saleh

    PC I thought there would be less desert in 1.4?

    I heard there would be less desert in 1.4.. I looked at pedguin and chippy stream and they have lots of different deserts and multiple oasis biomes and i didnt see natural entrenace to the desert ungerground.. maybe the world gen is broken. i am not sure. I like the new desert its cool but...
  6. Saleh

    PC How do you disable auto-save when you die?

    When you die the game saves even when you have auto save off.. anyway to disable that?
  7. Saleh

    screenshot of your base?

    can u show me a screenshot of your base i am looking for some ideas
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