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  1. Koragh

    Texture Pack Foundry&Alchemy Texture Pack

    i was looking up for more texture packs like calamity this looks amazing ps: 0.0??
  2. Koragh

    PC The Calamity Texture Pack

    this pack is amazing playing the game over again finished onexbox; mobile and now on pc the texture pack gave me a fresh experience of the game is there any recent updates for 2021 or is everything fully textured? i can't tell since i'm on i havent reach far on new items
  3. Koragh

    Texture Pack Vortexian Player Texture

    this is hillariously funny nice one love it
  4. Koragh

    NPCs not selling pylon

    so anyone in 2021 that figured out the npc combos? cant seem to properly get my forest biome on pc but on mobile (1.4) the zoologist and the guide doest work
  5. Koragh

    PC Furry NPCs Pack

    i was looking for subtle tweeks for the new texture pack feature and love this one, great job maybe make the princess npc as a lioness?:kingslime:
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