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  1. Angryhippo

    Mobile Gamepad issues

    Sorry about this, there is a way to overload the default configuration of your controller and get it displaying in the menu for configuration, If you create a folder in your root save folder, called ControllerProfiles, you can place a configuration file in there which should then make the extra...
  2. Angryhippo

    Xbox Series S/X Receiving tile data error

    Sorry, could you give the player account / name which has trouble connecting to this world. As it appears to be connecting fine in my tests with this world I Just want to make sure that its not issue with a specific players data joining this world. Thanks
  3. Angryhippo

    Xbox Series S/X Receiving tile data error

    Could you send me details (via DM if you like of the XBOX live account which is hosting and the world name in question). If it isn't happening in the default spawn region the xbox live account which is trying to join and the player name. I can then try to get the save data and look into the...
  4. Angryhippo

    Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!

    I will definitely be actively trying to improve this situation if its possible. I will let you know if things change
  5. Angryhippo

    Mobile Wind speed bug

    I haven't come across this myself if you could send me any save files which are effected by this issue I can take a look into what is happening for you.
  6. Angryhippo

    Mobile Broken old saves

    If you send me the files(in a DM if your prefer), which aren’t working, I can take a look at trying to sort them out for you
  7. Angryhippo

    Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!

    There isn’t a definitive list, in theory it should be any which is supported by the OS. Things are a little more complicated on iPhones due to the fact Apple haven’t brought across the new APIs specifically for mice on iPad OS and so assistive touch needs to be used. Also pairing Bluetooth...
  8. Angryhippo

    Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!

    they turn on the ability to double tap/ double click mouse on a item in the UI to do various options (ones which are normally assigned to right clicks) to do things like splitting stacks, equipping items etc
  9. Angryhippo

    PS4 PS4 black screen of death

    If its possible could you send me a backup of your PS4 save data? You could try and create a separate user on your PS4 to verify that its the save data which is causing the issue. If I get a copy of the backup I can get this fixed for you quickly.
  10. Angryhippo

    Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!

    Also make sure screen effects are switched on
  11. Angryhippo

    **REPORTED** [PS4] 1.4 Multiplayer Crashing

    Is this occurring in an old save (1.2/1.3)?
  12. Angryhippo

    PS4 Everything wrong with 1.4

    do you mean the crafted items going directly to the inventory? if so you can switch if off using the setting Settings->Controller->Auto Stash wrt the text, do you mean the pickup text? if so you can turn that off Settings->Interface->Advanced->Pickup Text We are currently making some...
  13. Angryhippo

    Xbox One Why

    If you can give me your gamertag (to allow me to pull the savedata from your account), in a dm if you like, and give me details on which world / character you are using I can have a look at why this is happening.
  14. Angryhippo

    Xbox One Inventory optimizations needed! Less efficient now

    3 - there is an option to make the items craft to your hand, Settings->Controller->Auto Stash (turning this off will place it in your hand instead) 4 - you can configure the same button to open and close the inventory by editing the bindings, note that when the world has focus you can navigate...
  15. Angryhippo

    **REPORTED** [PS4] 1.4 Multiplayer Crashing

    If anyone is getting this issue is able to provide me save data of your worlds, which this is happening on, I will take a look into this for you whenever I can. Also any information about where it occurs in the world when you get a crash would be helpful Thanks
  16. Angryhippo

    Xbox One Bug List So Far

    In the interface edit screen, the different pages are displayed using the maximum space they can occupy to show the extents of where they can go to. In normal gameplay most of these pages will be shown in their collapsed form, where it will take up only 3 columns rathe than the larger 8 to...
  17. Angryhippo

    PS4 Performance issues when using "colour" lighting.

    what version type of PS are you running on? PS, PS Pro, PS5?
  18. Angryhippo

    Resolved [PS4] Cannot start split screen after 1.4 update

    At the moment Split screen is only supported from offline play (Single Player) from the main menu
  19. Angryhippo

    Working as Designed [Xbox One] Feral Claws dont give auto swing

    I believe Auto Swing was added in 1.4.1, the console version is the equivalent of
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