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  1. LudicrousFPS

    hello there hypixel forums person

    hello there hypixel forums person
  2. LudicrousFPS

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2022

    Damn that meowmere looks sick
  3. LudicrousFPS

    What's your 1.4 order for killing bosses/events?

    1.King slime 2. Eye Of Cthulhu 3.EoW/BoC 4. Skeletron 5. Queen Bee (most likely on accident while I'm exploring underground jungle) 6. OOA T1 7. WoF 8. Destroyer for Megashark 9. Queen Slime 10. Twins (It's harder than skeletron prime, but I hate prime so much that I want to postpone it for...
  4. LudicrousFPS

    What is your Favorite Stage of Terraria?

    Mid hardmode, or pre plantera. This is the point where there's finally no rush to do anything, because you're powerful enough to wipe out those hardmode enemies that were previously causing you trouble. Now you're free to focus on things like clensing the evil biomes because you don't die...
  5. LudicrousFPS

    Tell me your luckiest / unluckiest drops in your worlds.

    Supposedly Hel-Fires are supposed to be rare, but I farm souls of nights for like 10 minutes and get like 3.
  6. LudicrousFPS

    Help with biome spread

    So, I'm deathly afraid that the evil biomes will frick up my entire world when I enter hardmode. So, I've dug a bunch of hellevators and tunnels to contain the biomes and protect the jungle/my base, and probably spent at least a platinum on stacks of dynamite. However, I'm still worried that, by...
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