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  1. LeftyRedd

    Switch Anyone have an extra cellphone?

    Looking for a cell phone if anyone has an extra.
  2. LeftyRedd

    PC Looking for other players, master mode

    Wondering if anyone is wanting to start new characters on master mode with me. Not really into voice chat though, prefer text in game. Lame, I know.
  3. LeftyRedd

    Mobile Controls on screen and cursor mode

    I use my PS4 controller and I was just wondering how to take the controls off the screen. They're in the way and annoying. Also, when I switch cursor modes to place things precisely, the cross snaps to the middle of the square. Is there a way to change this?
  4. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Cloud saves won't download.

    I've noticed since 1.3.5 came out, whenever I try to download a backup save of my main character and main world from the cloud to my PS4, it doesn't download. Just the save of them from my system is there. I'm was thinking that deleting the saves of the two from my system and retrying might...
  5. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Slow loading.

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I load the game and it takes several minutes for the game to load, staying stuck on the 100% screen. Then loading characters and world's, especially after quiting a game to go to a different world, takes several minutes as well.
  6. LeftyRedd

    Resolved [Mobile] PS4 controller

    I was wondering how to use the PS4 on Android. I can pair the controller with the phone, but I don't see an option in game for button layouts or anything.
  7. LeftyRedd

    Mobile Multiplayer server issue

    I followed the whole setup in the guide for a PC hosted server and when I try to connect, my server says I'm not using the same version as the server. This is from the link in the guide called "Terraria mobile server for PC."
  8. LeftyRedd

    PC Journey's End (Doors)

    One thing I'm hoping for in Journey's End is something that's in the console version. That is, doors will automatically open when I walk into them and then shut themselves. It's a small annoyance to have to stop, click, move, stop, click, and continue on my way.
  9. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Can't create worlds.

    Don't know if this has been posted about, but when I go to make a new world, it stays permanently on saving world and just sits there.
  10. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Nymph farm?

    I have a nymph farm from pre 1.3 and was wondering if it's still valid now in 1.3 or not. I really want the nymph banner.
  11. LeftyRedd

    Tabletop Munchkin Terraria?

    Was thinking the other day that a Munchkin Terraria would be an amazing crossover. So many enemies from level 1 to 20, so many items that would be great for Munchkin, potions, the weapons you could equip, the armor, with plenty of room for expansions too. Think about Munchkin Terraria 1.3. :D...
  12. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Wormhole Potions

    Playing online with a friend, he's the host, and I can't use the wormhole potion. I've tried using it from the hotbar and on the map. The map tells me to press X to teleport to him, but when I press it, nothing happens.
  13. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Tally Counter

    I've tried getting the thing and have spend many hours trying to farm one in the dungeon in pre-hardmode, but I can't seem to get one to drop. Any suggestions?
  14. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Anyone want to play?

    Looking to find people who want to start hard core characters on an expert world. I like that difficulty and think it'll be a lot of fun with more people. Looking to play with people that're over 18.
  15. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Ranged gear

    What's the best, that you think, setup for a ranger class post Moon Lord?
  16. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Hardcore in expert mode?

    I think this is the right thread for this, but looking for other people who want to start hardcore characters in an expert world because we hate ourselves. :D
  17. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Trouble with character/world generation

    I'm unable to make any new worlds or characters. With characters, the sunflower just loads forever. When trying to create a new world, I badly wanna play a expert world, both cars full up and then just stays on that screen. I don't know what to do and I've tried looking everywhere online and the...
  18. LeftyRedd

    PC Controller not working

    So I plugged my PS4 controller in and set it up using Steam's Big Picture Mode, but nothing is working. I even went into settings from the game and selected controller instead of keyboard and mouse, but still nothing. Can anyone help me out?
  19. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Help with banner farm.

    So I've been trying to get a Nymph Banner for the longest time and decided to do a AFK banner farm that I saw online. But 20 minutes or so after starting it, barely any enemies spawn. Was wondering how to fix this because I want to leave it running without input from me.
  20. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Nymph Banner

    I've been trying forever to get her to spawn. I've had her spawn a few times, but no banner. I have a good sized flat area in the cavern, water candles giving the debuff in the whole area, holding a water candle too (the Wiki says that works on consoles), and using battle potions. This is...
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