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  1. LeftyRedd

    Switch Anyone have an extra cellphone?

    Looking for a cell phone if anyone has an extra.
  2. LeftyRedd

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2021

    I'm super hyped for 1.4 to come to PS4. But can we get pinch to zoom back? It was taken out because no other platforms had it or something. Bit Switch has it now. We need it back, please. :) Calm down. Wow.
  3. LeftyRedd

    PC Looking for other players, master mode

    Wondering if anyone is wanting to start new characters on master mode with me. Not really into voice chat though, prefer text in game. Lame, I know.
  4. LeftyRedd

    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    Keeping things as similar as possible is cool and all, but taking away the pinch to zoom on PS4, which was super handy, because it wasn't available on other platforms, but then adding it to Switch seems kinda silly. Can we get a maybe at least to giving PS4 back pinch to zoom?
  5. LeftyRedd

    Re-Logic Teams Up with Vidglo on New Terraria Merchandise Line

    I still think a Terraria themed Munchkin expansion would be amazing. The two would fit together so well and I'd definitely buy it.
  6. LeftyRedd

    Mobile Controls on screen and cursor mode

    I use my PS4 controller and I was just wondering how to take the controls off the screen. They're in the way and annoying. Also, when I switch cursor modes to place things precisely, the cross snaps to the middle of the square. Is there a way to change this?
  7. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Cloud saves won't download.

    I've noticed since 1.3.5 came out, whenever I try to download a backup save of my main character and main world from the cloud to my PS4, it doesn't download. Just the save of them from my system is there. I'm was thinking that deleting the saves of the two from my system and retrying might...
  8. LeftyRedd

    You've got the Touch, You've got the Power! Controller & Customization Update hits Mobile Terraria Today!

    Having issues with my PS4 controller. There's a delay when I press buttons. Sometimes I'll press buttons and nothing happens.
  9. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Slow loading.

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I load the game and it takes several minutes for the game to load, staying stuck on the 100% screen. Then loading characters and world's, especially after quiting a game to go to a different world, takes several minutes as well.
  10. LeftyRedd

    Resolved [Mobile] PS4 controller

    I was wondering how to use the PS4 on Android. I can pair the controller with the phone, but I don't see an option in game for button layouts or anything.
  11. LeftyRedd

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    If anyone wants any of the console exclusive banners or Ocram mask/trophy on PS4, let me know.
  12. LeftyRedd

    Mobile Multiplayer server issue

    Yes, that's the file. And I should have mentioned it originally, but I am up to date. Sorry about that.
  13. LeftyRedd

    Mobile Multiplayer server issue

    I followed the whole setup in the guide for a PC hosted server and when I try to connect, my server says I'm not using the same version as the server. This is from the link in the guide called "Terraria mobile server for PC."
  14. LeftyRedd

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    I got my Ocram mask/trophy plus all the console exclusive enemy banners on PS4. I'm happy. :) Also recently got the Nymph banner on PS4. Go me. XD
  15. LeftyRedd

    PC Journey's End (Doors)

    Too much work. If I don't want enemies opening doors, I just place a dirt block on one side. I'm a simple man. XD
  16. LeftyRedd

    PC Journey's End (Doors)

    One thing I'm hoping for in Journey's End is something that's in the console version. That is, doors will automatically open when I walk into them and then shut themselves. It's a small annoyance to have to stop, click, move, stop, click, and continue on my way.
  17. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Can't create worlds.

    I had just turned it on after it was off for about 16 hours. And thanks, I'll try that. :)
  18. LeftyRedd

    PS4 Can't create worlds.

    Don't know if this has been posted about, but when I go to make a new world, it stays permanently on saving world and just sits there.
  19. LeftyRedd

    Terraria State of the Game - May 2019

    Can we get the pinch to zoom feature back on PS4 now since a whole bunch of touch things is coming to Switch? I think we were told that since the other platforms couldn't do it, it was taken out, but since Switch will be able to pinch to zoom, I'd love for it to come back to PS4.
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