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  1. An Original Name

    WIP More Underworld Enemies!

    Alright, so. HELL Its a scary place! Full of spooky monsters trying to kill you! Well guess what, what if there was even MORE spooky monsters to kill you? Oohohohh00h0hh SP000KY! So, this is my More Underworld Enemies thread! It's currently a WIP, so there aren't many enemies at the moment...
  2. An Original Name

    Should there be a mode without crimson/corruption

    To be honest, crimson/corruption is just a pain in the :red:, and if you have been playing in a terraria map for quite a while (Via around a year), you will understand what I'm talking about. Crimson/Corruption can take up your WHOLE world. Now, I understand by the time this happens you will...
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