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  1. KingKirmit

    PC When attempting to launch tapi...

    When I attempt to launch Tapi, all that happens is it plays the sound when opening up the window, only the window never shows... This has only happened(and is every time) since the latest 1.3 update(I think was yesturday).
  2. KingKirmit

    Written Media My Life of Music

    Hi, My name is King Kirmit, For several years now from time to time I have had this passion for writing that seems to always come back at random times, but has lately been on my mind for a long steady time. The writing that I am interested in is not book writing, although I do tell a story, But...
  3. KingKirmit

    tAPI Need help coding a Beach Ball like item.

    So the title says it all, I need to know how to code an item to act like the Vanilla Beach Ball item. So far the only error is the item not throwing...It uses it but doesn't create the actual projectile. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. KingKirmit

    tAPI Endgame Gods coding help needed

    In my current WIP Endgame Gods I have a projectile, created by the amazing Sin Costan, that inflicts a Frozen DeBuff. This DeBuff is supposed to stop the enemy in place, or greatly decrease their speed if not possible, but when ever the DeBuff is inflicted on a flying mob's bodies or tail the...
  5. KingKirmit

    tAPI Need help with adding max life

    So im currently working on a mod Endgame Gods. I wish to add a consumable item that extends your max life, just like the life crystal in vanilla, but I want the max life to now be 3,000 rather than 500. Problem is I dont know the codding for this, and am seeking help. Anyone who can provide me...
  6. KingKirmit

    Endgame Gods

    Have you done everything you can do in Terraria? Have you even gone as far as creating multiple worlds and getting them all to hardmode and gathering every possible resource? Are you now so powerful and deadly that nothing is a challenge? Well your in luck, because that's where I'm at in...
  7. KingKirmit

    tAPI More but different, Codding help needed ;)

    So pretty much what i need is a template pack for a flying mount. One thing id really LOVE to know is how to position the player to sit in the middle of the mount rather than on top of it. Any help at all would be absolutely amazing and very much appreciated! :)
  8. KingKirmit

    tAPI Coding Help Required

    Hi, so in short I am making a mod for my brother and require a little help with the coding of a magic staff. The staff is called "Sunlight Staff", the item works fine except for im having trouble with making it shoot the correct projectile. Now im not sure if i even need to be shooting a...
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