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  1. Voyager

    Calamity abandoned labratory spruce-up!

    You could add an elevader
  2. Voyager

    Are "DRUNK WORLD" and "FOR THE WORTHY" the same for everyone

    Not harder, just more variety. I love my Drunk World.
  3. Voyager

    I have a question.

    The wiki is not always right.
  4. Voyager

    Mac Best defence armor?

    I have used the Valhalla knight armor because of it's heal buff. Solar armor is the best defense, but I usually don't use it because of the noise.
  5. Voyager

    PC Zenith Mystery Sword?

    How did you freeze that super fast projectile?
  6. Voyager

    Crates, World Generation, and the ever-forgotten Pyramid.

    I have gotten sandstorm in a bottle in an underground desert chest.
  7. Voyager

    Crates, World Generation, and the ever-forgotten Pyramid.

    Yea it seems the oasis have taken away all space for pyramids in 1.4. Isn't there an oasis crate?
  8. Voyager

    Extremely Important Additional Feature !

    We need to be able to equip the target dummy with Red's hat. That is all.
  9. Voyager

    What is the weakest moon lord weapon

    Unless your on the surface, the Star Wrath isn't very good. Also, it is the final ingredient for Zenith - a much, much better weapon.
  10. Voyager

    What is the best pre-hardmode weapon

    The Blue Moon is basically a weapon with hardmode stats since 1.401. It got me well into hardmode
  11. Voyager

    Locked pink/green/blue dungeon chests

    They gave us trapped chests and the tools to trap them.
  12. Voyager

    PC Idea: "One-Time Use" Pressure Plates?

    It is very relevant as it seems the developers liked the idea. I don't know if they can be placed with something like a mod or not, but great addition.
  13. Voyager

    Are these paintings still rare in 1.4?

    Only the second one is really rare. "Rare Enchantment" is also rare.
  14. Voyager

    Lava Charm - Why not in every world?

    I have been fishing for one ...
  15. Voyager

    PC What to do after Moon Lord?

    Now I gotta kill the Empress of Light without getting hit 😦
  16. Voyager

    Switch Any tips for the mecha mayhem achievement?

    A good arena is vital - campfire, heart, star in a bottle, some heart statues with pressure plates by them You also need all the buff potions and a good set of wings (Fishron or better) It helps to also have the super health potions and a minion.
  17. Voyager

    Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience

    Last night- I was in the undergound tundra biome, see a chest, see explosives under it. So I cut out the explosives under it and prepare to dodge the bolder trap above when. BOOM! It had a second explosive set to the chest... So this dead man's chest had 2 explosives, and 2 bolder traps...
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