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  1. Voyager

    Extremely Important Additional Feature !

    We need to be able to equip the target dummy with Red's hat. That is all.
  2. Voyager

    Shiitake's mushroom and other oddities

    In-game screen shots:
  3. Voyager

    Better reward for killing Moon Lord (expert)

    For all the effort it took to defeat the Moon Lord you don't get much. I have never used the gravity globe. Not once, Ever! I wish we would have gotten something that turns off invasions so that building would be viable on expert worlds. I deleted my expert world because of annoying back-to-back...
  4. Voyager

    Strategies for Eternia Crystal defence

    Just had my first go at this. Definitely good to have a turret on one side while you are on the other. Only got to wave three though, so I can use pointers.
  5. Voyager

    1.3.3 Finds Thread

    Warning: spoilers So I have to mandible blades, anyone have the new vanity set made yet? Love the sandsharks! Anyone notice that the sharkfins become red when you add a new sharkfin to your stack? Thoughts on the new heat visual effect- I like it in the underworld.
  6. Voyager

    Variety of Builds

    All built with naturally gathered materials
  7. Voyager

    Single Switch Linear Activator

    The goal of my project is to create a system for activating items sequentially using a single on-off switch. Originally I intended to create the system with the new logic gates in an elegant fashion, but perhaps through lack of experience, I failed miserably. If someone can achieve a simpler...
  8. Voyager

    Do Team Blocks do anything special?

    Nothing on the Wiki about them yet. I bought a few but haven't placed any yet.
  9. Voyager

    In Room Player sensor

    Suppose you want to have lights turn on only when your in a room, or a trap fire. Here is how you do it with potentially invisible sensors: You put 'player above sensors below the room. They can be 5 blocks deep and painted with shadow paint if you want them hidden. Next, connect all the...
  10. Voyager

    Hoiktronic Elevator

    I want to make an elevator that switches the floor you go to via a simple wall switch. You should be able to make one with the new XOR gate that cycles from lowest to highest floor. Not sure about what to do since I don't have much experience with hoiktronics - tried it last night and just moved...
  11. Voyager

    Slime Tower

    I am taking suggestions for improvements. This was made on a temporary world and I will re-build it later with improvements hopefully
  12. Voyager

    PC Some Holloween wallpapers

    It's that time of the year and I am seeing costumed zombies again, why not add a wallpaper or two sold by the painter. Christmas has its own wallpapers!
  13. Voyager

    Latest 1.31 Spoiler

    So happy snow isn't going through buildings anymore
  14. Voyager

    Modern and unusual structures

    The typical wood box just won't do. However function is still important. A few builds:
  15. Voyager

    PC Why Martians Must Die

    Martian Conduit Plating - It's one of my favorite building materials. Also, there is only one mount I haven't gotten yet...
  16. Voyager

    What is the best new music in Terraria 1.3?

    I just made a music box of the pirate invasion music I liked it so much. What do you think is the best new music or best music in-game as of 1.3. No poll because I don't know how many total tracks there are now.
  17. Voyager

    Any way to get cultists to spawn here?

    This is my old normal mode world. It had a dungeon that stuck way out of the ground so I removed the top. The wiki says that this could mean I can't get the cultists to spawn :(
  18. Voyager

    Strategies for the Martian Saucer

    I literally died eight times trying to destroy this thing. What is your best strategy?, loadout ect. Near the end of the invasion I finally killed one using my base as cover :cool: Best mount in teh game
  19. Voyager

    Endless Quiver

    The guide showed me this and so I bought all the arrows, but I can't figure out were to craft it.
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