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  1. SpectreFKD

    Jungle Protection

    Hello! I'm aware that similar suggestions have been made, but I have a new idea to pledge forward! Firstly, as we all know, the Jungle can easily be corrupted by the corruption, crimson & hallowed biomes. My suggestion is as follows: Add a corrupt form of mud (with grass on it), so it's easier...
  2. SpectreFKD

    PC Terraria force-starts on secondary monitor?

    Hello, Recently I've come across a peculiar issue where Terraria launches on my secondary monitor upon launch. It did not do this previously, and I am unsure why it does it (it's the only game I have that does for some reason). I have tried putting it to windowed and transferring it to my...
  3. SpectreFKD

    PC Lihzahrd temple changes

    Whilst commenting on a thread about nerfs to the grand design, I came up with a somewhat simplistic idea (1) - other commenters suggested the others, so I have compiled them here! I will update if I think any more could be viable Sensors in the Lihzahrd temple! 1) Making the traps activated by...
  4. SpectreFKD

    PC [Question] How to selectively activate teleporters using logic gates and gem locks.

    So, I'm quite new to the wiring scene - so to get started, I decided to make a teleporter station - that only activates when all of the gem switches are on (AND gate). The thing is, this teleports me right away since I'm already on the teleporter, but what I want, is for the teleporter to be...
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