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  1. Empty air sandwich

    Is there even a point to naturally-occuring demonite ore in the underground?

    I swear I have the feeling that you could outright remove it from appearing in the underground and it wouldn't even matter :rolleyes: Obviously for some time it's better than anything you have because it's above gold, and it's like a particularly rare ore that only shows up in small amounts...
  2. Empty air sandwich

    Make Mage have more cool effects and branches like Spectre/Nebula since the beginning of the game

    Make magic cooler in a way that sets it more apart from Ranged since early on, more unique and novel and less like a ranged with less capability and more limitations, maybe improve mage set bonuses and add new mage accessories for more magic-hit-only procs and also allow healer-like mage effects...
  3. Empty air sandwich

    Make the Dryad give you a vanity set for purifying the world

    If you ask the Dryad for the world status and she says there is no corru/crimson (but probably counting only after hardmode), she would also give you a completely exclusive new vanity set as a reward, just as more substance to having done this. I'm thinking she gives it once per world. Maybe...
  4. Empty air sandwich

    Make NPC's special unlock requirements one-time-only

    The Demolitionist needs bombs in your inventory to unlock, but if he dies, he actually won't respawn again until you're holding bombs at day again, and so on. How about changing NPCs so after properly unlocking them once, they can always respawn by default as long as a proper house exists...
  5. Empty air sandwich

    Make drills dig at an AoE

    Like a 2x2 depending on what's closest to the cursor or a 3x3, or a + pattern. Digging simultaneously or by order of what's left. So drills actually dig in a pattern separate to pickaxes that may be more convenient for some things especially if aiming manually, like plucking out entire veins...
  6. Empty air sandwich

    Add a "Monster-above" Sensor

    Exactly the same as the player-above sensor but for enemies. Preferrably non-critter enemies. Would help for new base defenses. Traps on ceilings and floors and walls that automatically trigger as enemies pass the area, possibly inside arenas too Automated traps mounted on the outside side of...
  7. Empty air sandwich

    The 3 mechs get their own expert accessories

    Them having unique items along with the minecart pieces isn't a new idea, but, these are the ideas I had for those items. The Destroyer - Orbiter band Whenever you get hit, fires 3 laser shots simultaneously from a triangle pattern outside of you aimed at enemies. The shots happen at the exact...
  8. Empty air sandwich

    Summoner gets a special active weapon and a new passive function

    Summoner seems kinds of intended to HAVE multiple summons but still just be using regular weapons of other kinds 24/7 anyway, but some people still want to exclusively deal summon damage for a e s t h e t i c s because it fits with the idea in a cooler way, so how about we do make that a more...
  9. Empty air sandwich

    Day-night torch (and a grass fence)

    An illumination item whose color progressively changes by the clock as if natural sunlight/moonlight over the day. It's a torch, or, some kind of 1x1 candle that also can be placed everywhere like torches looking like the Granite Candle, or the head of Lamp Post, with a support beam. You could...
  10. Empty air sandwich

    Sky island biome improvement

    -New possible layouts/types of sky islands, and worldgen makes sure each sky island is a different type from each other, so if you find more islands they will all be unique islands instead of just being more copypastes of the same small house/empty lake you already have For example: A sky...
  11. Empty air sandwich

    Expert mode: Boss Scaling

    In expert mode only, 1) Bosses that already were defeated once (or maybe all) can scale up in stats depending on the current world progression (specifically which bosses ahead of it were already beaten). Not as to make them stay the exact same difficulty forever, more just to help stop them from...
  12. Empty air sandwich

    Merge throwing into melee

    With the confirmation that Throwing won't be expanded on (Cenx recently mentioned that on Discord), I think to then completely merge Throwing items into Melee archetype. Existant weapons of Throwing damage become Melee damage. Throwing armors (Ninja and Fossil) are changed to have Melee...
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