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    Which class is the best?

    Mage is the strongest class prehardmode because the equipment is really easy to acquire if you know how to sequence break and powerful relative to the other options. In hardmode the classes are pretty well balanced, with melee lagging behind for a bit then catching up when most of their weapons...
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    Pitch a Tent as a temporary spawn point.

    Thats sounds much better yeah
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    WIP Throwin' the Better Gear into Terraria!

    Great post overall. Great effort and good implementation as well. That said I have some criticism/suggestions 1. I don't think ninja armor needs a flat out nerf nerf. It would be better if the loss of base stats was complemented by a rework into a throwing based utility armor balanced by low...
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    Sprites Making Hell a Little More Lively | Hardmode-Underworld Expansion

    I didn't insult it. I said I support it and I offered praise it was well sprited. I also literally offered constructive criticism. "Item stealing is annoying no matter what way you slice it" means that even though I can tell he tried to balance it, its something that I just feel like doesn't...
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    Pitch a Tent as a temporary spawn point.

    Yeah this is a really good suggestion. They could just limit it to 1 tent per world and make it harder to craft than beds.
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    [Sprites] Hidden Hearts: Rethinking health progression

    I like the concept of burning hearts but not the one of dazzling hearts. Life fruits are up there with planteras bulb for things that are heavily luck reliant and gate progression by forcing the player to stay in an area they already explored and run around like an idiot hoping one spawned. Just...
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    Sprites Making Hell a Little More Lively | Hardmode-Underworld Expansion

    I like a lot of these and support this heavily but item stealing is annoying no matter what way you slice it and the mini boss is over complicated and stupid even though its well sprited.
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    Completely rework the Brain of Confusion

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for innovative strategies and cheesing but this is sort of a one size fits all problem solver for prehardmode. The best solution for exploring, for bossing, for invasions and extremely time efficient and easy as well. You don’t actually have to think or plan that...
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    Completely rework the Brain of Confusion

    I could see it working hardmode but the water bolt can be used with such safety in prehardmode this change would have questionable impact. Like seriously, imagine just flooding a cavern with your death hose until the whole thing is blue. Or prepping an arena by spraying projectiles everywhere...
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    Endless wire pouch!

    Agree. We need endless pouches for every random bull:red: item. -endless wire coil -endless rope coil -bottomless rocket box -bottomless ale mug -bottomless lesser healing potion (not available in larger sizes for balance reasons -bottomless lesser mana potion (can’t proc mana flower, not...
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    Completely rework the Brain of Confusion

    0 cost spellbooks is stupid OP. Infinite razor blade typhoon and golden shower is way too broken and infinite water bolt would trivialize pre hardmode. I think the shadow dodge idea could work. It can be thematically fitting, as the brain could queue the player in they are about to be hit, so...
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    Some mount ideas!

    These are all pretty cool. Wyvern mount could probably be added as a wyvern drop (or add arch wyvern back in with new design and have the mount as a drop from such wyvern) Drill mount could be craftable maybe, although I dont know what it should use. We don’t have a craftable mount as of now...
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    Ninja event and NPC

    Too many enemy types without enough distinction IMO. I like a lot of the ideas though and the overall concept. Having a small amount of enemy types, but each having a broader range of individual abilities would be an interesting and theme fitting concept to differentiate ninjas from the other...
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    More non accessory/armor mobility

    Thanks for the feedback. The main reason I think there should be a fuse timer is so that the rockets aren't chained together as a full replacement for people to save an accessory slot on mobility. Maybe 1s is a good compromise? (you would be fully able to move and act with no movement penalty...
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    More non accessory/armor mobility

    Escape rocket Purchased from demolitionist Consumable Upon use, a 2-3 second fuse is lit, then a rocket appears behind your character, boosting him directly upwards. Side to side mobility is slightly slowed while the rocket active. After a short time, the rocket disappears, granting the player...
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    Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

    Don’t like the idea of it being free. The piggy bank and safe aren’t free and this could marginzalize them. Honestly this should be rather expensive, at least a good 30 gold.
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    Ocean Mirror (Magic Mirror from fishing)

    It can happen though, and that is still a problem. A more likely scenario is that they do spawn, but happen to be tucked away in a place that means they are acquired far far later than intended (ie in hardmode). It doesnt hurt to add something else to crates.
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    My Personal List of Item Suggestions

    The NP and Daybreak are good. The craftable and purchaseable spears just need buffs. Water bolt doesnt need a successor. It needs to get nerfed. Incredibly powerful relative to ease of acquiring it. Makes magic a bit OP pre hardmode.
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    Bandits + Bandit Hideout

    Wtf I thought you were talking about what it drops, not its stats (ie having it drop only tungsten+ores when killed). I don't agree with this at all, I think its fine if they cheese it, its not linked to progression, doesn't drop anything great, and isn't super rewarding to farm over and over again.
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    WIP Underground needs a revamp

    Honestly, I've noticed that the underground layer is just a bit dull. Right now there are a few issues 1. the layer is extremely small 2. there are no unique structures (the underground cabin can spawn in the cavern layer as well, despite naming) 3. there are few unique enemies- only a few slime...
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