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    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies Relaunch Beta

    The "Splitter" prefix does not work, and I don't get any of the projectile prefixes or suffixes.
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    Your mod. Conflicts. With. The base game... why is this a thing? (thrown in error exception)
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    It even corrupts new worlds and players?! So it looks like I cant even play when Litho's Armory is enabled. Cool. (turns out it conflicts with the BASE GAME!)
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    You must have accidentally changed the folder player and world files are placed in.
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    And now its stuck on saving map data, so i really have to delete my world. RIP
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    That's what happened though... thank goodness that i had a backup?
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    Litho's Armory update deleted my world and player... (as in, my world and player broke because of something in the new update...only mod I updated today too)
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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    The 'Chicago Typewriter' is OP. 154 damage, insanely fast speed, and doesn't consume bullets? Really? That should be post moon lord! (SDMG does 88 damage!) And it's just available from a traveling merchant in prehardmode...
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    tModLoader Recipe Browser

    Recipe browser won't let me load my worlds. It crashes (ive tried disabling every other mod, but the issue still happens so its recipe browser.) Stack overflow exception is the error type :/
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    How do I fix this? (It occurs when entering mod browser, latest 64 bit version, but doesnt occur while launching vanilla)
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    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    Does the wasteland spread at any point in game?
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    PC Hardmode "V" projection for this map

    I lined the tunnels with Boreal Wood (took ages to do xD)
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    PC Hardmode "V" projection for this map

    Is my jungle safe (modded world) I'm just about to enter hardmode
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    tModLoader WorldGen Previewer

    It still crashes with Calamity on during planetoid creation...
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    I didn't get an error at all--just a flat crash to desktop
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    Fix the Tomato Head, it's broken. It lets you fly forever. Also, the latest update for Joost crashes your game :/
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    tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

    I found a bug in the Elements Awoken Mod where the game crashes on world-gen. And on the Recipe Browser bug? Nope.
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