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  1. Orifan1

    Single Thread RP the Sortie

    this was originally going to be NightWave, but after thinking about it, I've decided against it, given that 1. it would be a pain in the :red: to get people to enlist their RP's to participate 2. CA is literally the only active RP that would probably enlist 3. I suck at writing stories in the way...
  2. Orifan1

    Single Thread RP stupid calamity bros (PARODY OF CALAMITY ADVENTURE)

    its like CA but we have exactly -1000000 iq Axl does the jojo torture dance
  3. Orifan1

    Other Literature stars of deception

    your name is Destop. you are an avali mercenary. you have always wanted to fly fightercraft, but due to your race, you have had to stick to the ground your whole life. you wake up in a hospital bed. the room has 3 patients. you are in the center bed. the other 2 patients have their curtains up...
  4. Orifan1

    OOC special thread: GM recruiting!

    have you ever had an idea for an RP, but were then all like "this seems fun, but i would rather be a player in this than a GM in this kind of RP"? well, recently, i had one of those moments, which led me to making this thread! basically, you post the idea you had for an RP to this thread. only...
  5. Orifan1

    IC freeform: the IC

    @Defure @Halt @Animus Viral @SsnakeeTheDragon @Murphmario @DiamondDude a nice, little shack sits quietly in the middle of nowhere. there happens to be an intellectual known as "the guide" living in that shack. he's currently out doing other stuff.
  6. Orifan1

    OOC Freeform: the RP. registration, OOC, and blacklist

    rules are simple: 1. dont be an :red: 2. dont godmode, powergame, or bunny registration is either stupidly simple, or simple for basic registration, just post to this thread. thats it. for advanced registration, include the name of the story arc that you are bringing to this RP. there will be...
  7. Orifan1

    OOC Lava World OOC

    remember when you were little and you sometimes pretended that the floor was lava? well your doing it again. this time in an RP. i need a lot of help with this RP. i need someone to design a Mall for this to take place in.
  8. Orifan1

    OOC Guardians: OOC

    The year is 2019. The month is August. It’s the 31st. It’s a Saturday. Here, we see a state known as Massachusetts. Now, we zoom in on a city known as “Boston”. Now, we zoom in even further onto a bar known as “cheers”, where everyone knows your name, and is glad you came. But wait, something is...
  9. Orifan1

    every first poster to post after a staff post is a winner

    exactly as it says on the title person 1: sure do hope a staff posts soon person 2: same staff: hey who wants to win something person 1: me person 2: D:
  10. Orifan1

    Single Thread RP Beyond the 4th wall

    Or: meta meta meta meta meta meta meta meta A :red:ty ori recolor dims the lights in the office a little bit “My god, why do you set the lights so BRIGHT?!”
  11. Orifan1

    the unofficial TCF Flight game club!

    this WAS going to be a thread for ace combat, but then i realized that ace combat, and literally every flight game ever, is niche enough that we can group them all into one thread. except war thunder. war thunder is the exception. but anyways y'all play ace combat 7, yet?
  12. Orifan1


    (please tell me if this is in kremlin font) hacking /ˈhakiNG/ noun noun: hacking the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer. "outlawing hacking has not stopped it" application is all follows: Syndicate: any extra info (appearance, name, ect)(OPTIONAL): this rp uses...
  13. Orifan1

    IC Lethal skies - the thread of the dogfighting

    USAF Homestead air base - Florida - United States - 0900 Hours "alright, listen up. everyone." "I know everyone is tired, especially after friday movie night, but we have to scramble soon. recently, our radar site in cuba has been giving reports of unmarked bombers. five minutes ago, they went...
  14. Orifan1

    Looking up fictional companies to see if they actually are real

    And then seeing if they are like the fictional company you looked up Rules 1. Standard tcf rules 2. If the first search result is the wikia page, chances are there’s not a real world version 3. Let it be known that there are over 9000 different entechs in real life.
  15. Orifan1

    OOC Lethal Skies - Info, Lore, Applications, OOC chat, Rules, and yelling at Orifan1 thread

    the year is 2020. the war in Afghanistan still rages on. but, for the most part, it seems like the brave pilots of the world have done their part in the war, and can basically sit back and eat steak dinners every night in their comfy carpeted barraks. ...or so everyone thinks. theres been a rise...
  16. Orifan1

    Hi, im Orifan1. AMA. or Ask Program anything.

    (asking questions in the form of a fake IRC log is not required, but i will be answering all questions with a fake IRC log)
  17. Orifan1

    PC Hello!

    hey guys. my name is Orifan1. as you can probably guess, Im a fan of the Ori series. but thats not all I like. I like aircraft. a lot. I also like ace combat. I also like to roleplay. Im a chronic :red:poster. and by that I mean ill say something that could not be the product of logical thought...
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