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  1. Fuzzy_TK

    Music Pack CrossCode Music Pack

    ~Link to Workshop~ CrossCode is a retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. CrossCode combines 16-bit SNES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics, served with a gripping sci-fi story. Also...
  2. Fuzzy_TK

    Music Pack Monster Girl Quest Music Pack

    ~IT'S ALIVE~ ~Link to Workshop~ -Monster Girl Quest is an eroge series, turn based rpg/visual novel, hailing from Japan, developed by Torotoro Resistance, and translated by Rogue Translator into an English format. Despite being an eroge, it's got a good story and soundtrack, which I found...
  3. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Rewrite Music Pack

    Workshop Update: *Workshop support, hurray. Now wavebanks are called music packs. And you can find the Music Pack on the workshop now. This is so sad, can we get 2 likes on it? *Tracks from 1. to 13. updated, as they changed their order. Main thread updated. *Changed Track 57. Empress of Light -...
  4. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank So i made a custom wavebank and now the game wont launch

    The never ending loading screen is most likely to do with the update, where wavebanks were modified in one way or another. Someone found a fix for it: If this is not the case...
  5. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Rewrite Music Pack

    Don't know why you would need it, but here:
  6. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank [NEW] Touhou Wavebank v2.1 for 1.4 [Includes: Better sound quality, new tracks, and remixes for otherworldly tracks!]

    You can use the Quick Wavebank Tool, found >>Here<<, pretty easy to use, compared to XNA. And to make it work for the latest version, just use the fix >>Here<<
  7. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank [NEW] Touhou Wavebank v2.1 for 1.4 [Includes: Better sound quality, new tracks, and remixes for otherworldly tracks!]

    It's an issue with the new hotfix. Op needs to update the wavebank. Here's a link to the solution, for Op, just in case:
  8. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Rewrite Music Pack Update: *Relogic bamboozled me. New update, new modifications to wavebanks. *Thanks to @MadaxTheShadow for discovering how to make our wavebanks compatible with *Download Link updated in Main Thread
  9. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Wavebanks not working on

    @MadaxTheShadow found a fix, check it out:
  10. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Fixing music for Terraria (and possibly beyond)

    You're doing God's work! Thank you for this fix!
  11. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Wavebanks not working on

    With the new hotfix, it seems that any wavebank that HAS been updated to 1.4.1 won't work anymore. The Vanilla game will be stuck in the loading screen, after the intro plays out, and tModLoader won't even launch. I thought that maybe my wavebank (that i've updated to 1.4.1) was just...
  12. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Touhou Music In Terraria (1.4)

    There are some guides to making a wavebank with xact3: here and here. But I personally prefer the Quick Wavebank Tool, cuz it's easier to use.
  13. Fuzzy_TK

    Moon Lord with LEGS!!! (Warning temporary low quality working on it!!!)

    Jebus Krist, thanks for the Nightmare fuel.
  14. Fuzzy_TK

    Wavebank Small Wavebank collection

    1.4.1 added a new track, the Credits Theme. The wavebank will work once OP will update it to 1.4.1
  15. Fuzzy_TK

    What is the best sword in pre hardmode

    Copper Shortsword, take it or leave it. (But tbh, the Fiery Greatsword is great)
  16. Fuzzy_TK

    What you do when you bored on Terraria?

    You could always replay the game with some spices, like Texture Packs, Wave Banks etc. Or you could try to play modded. There are a ton of mods out there with unique content.
  17. Fuzzy_TK

    Ask Me (almost) Anything

    Another Pizza question: do you like pineapple on pizza?
  18. Fuzzy_TK

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    Yeah, that was a mistake on my part, I'm sorry. The only reason I've associated the Gypsy term with Romanians is because a lot of people talk about gypsies coming from Romania to their country n doing shady stuff. And now that I think about it, Gypsy (Romani People) =/= Gipsy ('țigan' the slang...
  19. Fuzzy_TK

    Why does enemies take our money on expert or master mode?

    They have families as well, ya know. They have to provide for their children.
  20. Fuzzy_TK

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    I don't get why this is such a big deal. I am Romanian, and I can assure you that the armor "Gypsy Robe" Isn't offensive. Sure, the term "gypsy" has a lot of history behind it as @JohannSimm said, but Re-Logic surely didn't had any racial motives when adding the item. I don't see why it should...
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