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  1. crawlr

    PC 1.3.1 Elevator for items.

    It's a nice use of the new conveyor belts but a lot of people already have hoik based setups for item delivery in their farms. If you liked the statue farm aspect of it here is a build that maximizes the statue farm potential.
  2. crawlr

    PC Impractical Bird Statue Teleporter Hub

    I too love the bunny port more than I thought I would. I am seriously considering ripping out my newly built logic gate one for this.... I think it would be fun.
  3. crawlr

    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    Actually both terms could really be used here depending on what your source data represents i think o_O A multiplexer (MUX) by definition is a device that combines multiple analog/digital signals into one signal over some medium. The demultiplexer (DMUX) does the reverse, unpacking the original...
  4. crawlr

    PC 4-bit multiply

    I'm not sure what the dart traps are for. With the proper relay setup any circuit will work without smoking. @ZeroGravitas I was hoping your response was going to be an update to your transistor setup that did multiplication as well. You should! This explains it really simply. Just hook a...
  5. crawlr

    [Question] Inevitable gate smoke?

    The delay gates are usually referred to as buffer gates iirc. And yes those would be an amazing addition! But honestly as I said @ZeroGravitas 's transistor approach is sufficient for most everything. I am currently working on a full blown 4-bit processor with it's own instruction set and I...
  6. crawlr

    PC How Can I Shift a Saved Number to Left or Right?

    H'mm, can't your display simply check for new data on the clock pulse as well? I don't understand why the display needs to continuously read from the bus?
  7. crawlr

    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    Sorry I should of posted this here sooner. Shortly after working on this we discovered Unicorn Engines. These new engines don't rely on multiple agents and can generate a max of 2,160 activations per second.
  8. crawlr

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    blocks that are actuated into the background DO NOT stop spawns. The game ignores them and checks the next block under them. Additionally mobs can spawn in front of actuated blocks, they do not count as a background wall. *Edit changed some wording for clarity*
  9. crawlr

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    Hmm interesting. There is a chance that the converyor belts ARE valid spawn areas and if so they likely read as normal forest biome like a platform does. In this case the game may go to spawn a creature, see the only valid block is a conveyor belt, and then cancel the spawn since it won't spawn...
  10. crawlr

    PC Terraria CPU.

    Cool I'm glad someone is working on a full-fledged CPU. Would it also be possible for you to post the logic diagrams and schematics for the processor as you work on it and expand it? Just as with a messy breadboard, it's easier to follow whats going on with the logic diagrams next to it. Also...
  11. crawlr

    PC [Updated] Finally a working logic gate based 4 bit full adder

    This design has the same issue and as such isn't really usable in a larger system. The solution I posted on your thread is the same design as what the OP posted here, I just built top down as opposed to left-right. For simplicity here is the final 4-bit full-adder that can handle simultaneous...
  12. crawlr

    [Question] Inevitable gate smoke?

    Hmm i think it depends on how you construct it @ZeroGravitas . I've gone back and fourth on this in my head and think your version is probably sufficient in most scenarios. But there are times you would need to handle the operation within a single clock cycle, in which case a combinational...
  13. crawlr

    PC [Question] Spawn Location

    @Hundjäger18 spawns can occur in mid air, the type of mob that spawns is determined by the first valid block directly below it, but they will never spawn over player placed backwall.
  14. crawlr

    PC [Question] Spawn Location

    This is how the terraria spawn box works (note the player position is collapsed into a single point): When a spawn occurs, the type of mob that spawns is not determined by the biome the player is in (normally) but instead by the type of block a mob spawns over. If you have a row of ice you...
  15. crawlr

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    Why not put two target dummy's in your player chambers and just afk while bouncing on slime mounts? You would be 100% safe to afk then, and you could even let the mobs walk into you since the saddle does additional summon damage.
  16. crawlr

    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    In regards to the single wire system, I was able to build one with synchronized darts before setting up the hoik engine version. The first pulse triggered a dart trap on the remote end and everything worked out fine... But then I thought why not use a hoik engine and make it faster? I tore out...
  17. crawlr

    Teleporter chain infinite screen scrolling trick (bi-directional, using gates)

    @ZeroGravitas This is interesting. I figured the camera position would just update at the end of all the other calculations. But it obviously is adjusted immediately when the player sprite is moved. @Beezwax&Nectar If your looking for an engine that can generate something faster than 60 act/s...
  18. crawlr

    [Challenge] Smallest ALU?

    Oops. I mixed up my images, that one is of a wallace tree approach which you can read about here. I can't find my simple accumulator pic atm. But the idea is to total each partial sum in an accumulator as you go. I will modify the original post to fix the image. If you need me to put together...
  19. crawlr

    PC In-depth guide for how to make sequential logic circuits with faulty logic gates

    I agree the title should be more descriptive. I would go with "Guide to sequential logic circuits" Sequential circuits also have a near limitless number of applications @ZeroGravitas . Some more use cases I can think of would be: the program counter in a CPU could be created with just a...
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