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  1. KallMiKarl

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    What are some features you think would be cool to add, but might never be added? (maybe because it doesnt fit the game or would break it in some way?)
  2. KallMiKarl

    Xbox 360 Fresh Start?

    Ignore this, i cant figure out how to delete it.
  3. KallMiKarl

    Xbox 360 Fresh Start?

    How do i delete this?
  4. KallMiKarl

    Xbox One Brand New Story, Brand New World

    Sorry if i'm not doing the right thing right now, i literally just joined when i saw this. My Xbox Gamertag is WitlessTrout48 (its dumb but i haven't decided to change it yet). I don't have a mike right now, but i will soon. If you would let me join this world i would want to be a mage of some...
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