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  1. ::Maethendias::

    Terraria: State of the Game - January 2019

    tfw you JUST logged into this forum for like weeks and then you see this post talk about timing
  2. ::Maethendias::

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    this is incredibly unfortunate to hear about, but at the same time, i hope it will be an opportunity for your team to focus on things you are passionate about ^^
  3. ::Maethendias::

    PC Underground Desert update

    well, i just heared about it, the next update 1.3.2 is gonna take on the desert, sooooo this post might be already useless lol
  4. ::Maethendias::

    PC Khaios' Build Spectacle

    a bathtub.... a :red:ing bathtub.... oh my god, i never would have guessed that you used an ebonwood bathtub for that always learn something new
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    PC Tenthy's Creations

    this is some insane :red: man, i LOOOVE IT
  6. ::Maethendias::

    PC Ballin' houses by Eiv

    those look really great, and comfy too
  7. ::Maethendias::

    Jungle Tree house with waterfall

    really nice, i love it
  8. ::Maethendias::

    PC Underground Desert update

    aaaw, thats tooo bad :O
  9. ::Maethendias::

    PC Underground Desert update

    maybe they can add some sort of invasion event, like, the "swarm" or something, would be quite the sight. i mean, we DO have gobs, pirates and freaking snowmans, so why not an insect swarm crawling out of the desert sands ;D
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    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    i would like it if the status screen would be a little bit less.... eyecatching lol
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  12. ::Maethendias::

    Our enemies may rest but rust never sleeps.

    Our enemies may rest but rust never sleeps.
  13. ::Maethendias::

    PC Underground Desert update

    ^ well, at least they can give me a jungle solution already, its wayyyy overdue
  14. ::Maethendias::

    PC World-lock / Hardmode is Harder

    hmmmmm, quite the interessting concept there, with that world lock, if it would be only for the achievements id agree, but for building purposes and or collection stuff, its impossible to stay only on one world (corruption/crimson/pyramids) AND there is the problem, i think 2(?) achievements...
  15. ::Maethendias::

    PC Underground Desert update

    desertification, i think it would be quite the challenge to stop desert spread (like it does in the real world) because it would make the corruption spread also make more dangerous. also, maybe some more hardmode enemys (and thus better items from the desert( no one uses the flail thing)) :)
  16. ::Maethendias::

    PC "prototype" Jungle-town (finished)

    my first attempt to a jungle city, pretty basic. I wanted the town to be included into the landscape, rather than terraforming the jungle around it. also, while building i always had the idea of a "hanging garden-city-thing...", well, its a prototype, so it doesnt really matter in the end lol...
  17. ::Maethendias::

    Member-Run Contest Man, we need some really good NPC houses, there just aren't many.

    Who lives there? well, i like my witchdoc in there, but the dryad fits really well here too. its supposed to be a completely overgrown jungleshrine, part of a jungle city (duh :D), too bad that there are no mudwalls :C
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