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  1. CrimsHallowHero

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Regarding buff potions: Invisibility potion could possibly drop its cancelling mechanic after taking damage. It hinders usage of the potion which doesn't seem that powerful at all. Warmth potion could give immunity to chilled and frozen debuffs. It would be both useful against ice related...
  2. CrimsHallowHero

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Yes. But Staff is capable of breaking fully grown herbs which are not currently blooming and still make them drop seeds when they grow on their respective soil block. Baconfry suggested to make it possible to break fully grown non-blooming herbs with Staff in planter boxes like it can be done on...
  3. CrimsHallowHero

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Why is it less efficient? Does Staff of Regrowth harvesting make any difference between fully grown herb and blooming herb if both are planted in soil?
  4. CrimsHallowHero

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    The main issue with Tiger Climbing Gear is that it is outclassed by any hook which is easily obtainable long before Tinkerer Workshop become available. Often even before one of climbing gear pieces is found. Hooks are just better in every way possible. Probably something unique would make it...
  5. CrimsHallowHero

    Snow biome placement and size

    Background In 1.4 snow biome generation was changed. Most notably: - its size has been reduced; - it is placed significantly further from spawn point now. After quick search I haven't found officially declared reasons behind the changes. Howbeit, some consequences of the change can be seen...
  6. CrimsHallowHero

    tModLoader Buffed damage over time debuffs

    Probably ModBrowser didn't include source code into autorealease. You still can open tmod file with tModReader.
  7. CrimsHallowHero

    PC Add option to enable autoswing on all weapons

    Even when using non-automatic weapon inefficiently you end up in lose-lose situation when you have both worse damage and have to spam clicks if compared to automatic ones. Thus choice pool shrinks to either using automatic weapons or not using non-automatic ones. For me at least. I think it...
  8. CrimsHallowHero

    Easy way for Everyone to Defeat Duke Fishron in Master Mode

    Interesting. I've built a construction similar to this one few times, however, I did not expect regular minecart speed to be sufficient to dodge Duke Fishron. From my experience, cursed arrows / darts might be better here in chewing through 100 defence when appropriate weapons and accessories...
  9. CrimsHallowHero

    What's your most hated sounds on terraria?

    Shrieks of the Empress of Light are almost unbearable.
  10. CrimsHallowHero

    tModLoader Buffed damage over time debuffs

    Mod is currently kind of discontinued. It used to be compatible with Calamity before but now I doubt if it works even on its own since it was not updated for a while (and I have not played modded Terraria for a while too). I do not have enough will to update it, especially after 1.4 release...
  11. CrimsHallowHero

    Mana Guide

    Poor star in a bottle... so worthless. The guide is definitely useful to make a general idea of how mana affects damage output. However, I would be more careful about equalizing "damage increase/decrease" and "DPS increase/decrease" since defense on enemies is a thing. The same percentage...
  12. CrimsHallowHero

    The odds of you generating a random special world?

    I never thought that number of possible world seeds is so limited. At first, over 2 billions might be impressive, but further investigation proves that such low number of seeds produces quite a lot of collisions (i.e. twin worlds with the same seed). A rough example may give an idea of how many...
  13. CrimsHallowHero

    Texture Pack Font "Eurostile"

    I finally found a font which is almost identical to previously posted here "Europe" but with all Latin characters supported - Eurostile. Thus the original post was rewritten and the thread title changed accordingly. Now all languages from vanilla Terraria (except Chinese) are supported.
  14. CrimsHallowHero

    Texture Pack Font "Eurostile"

    The texture pack replaces standard Terraria fonts with "Eurostile". Installation 1. Download "Font" 2. Put it in Resource Packs folder (can be opened by launching Terraria → Resource Packs → Open Folder) 3. Enable pack "Font Eurostile" in Resource Packs section of the game...
  15. CrimsHallowHero

    LOTS of Pre-Hardmode weapons tested against the Wall of Flesh

    I think this list would be incomplete without what I consider one of the most powerful pre-hardmode bossing weapons - Sandgun. By the time of fighting the WoF Sandgun is not the best option but surely a viable one. I did few quick tests in a drunk world with ranged build from OP. Here are the...
  16. CrimsHallowHero

    Sitting animation improvement

    If it would really become an issue, sprites could be automatically generated using their "standing" versions. Simple pixel rows shifting (uppermost by 1 and the rest by 2) provides with quite sufficient results. Current implementation seems to use such kind of approach anyway. Here are some...
  17. CrimsHallowHero

    Sitting animation improvement

    Latest major update (1.4) introduced new mechanic allowing players to sit in chairs and sofas. While NPC sitting animation inherited from v1.3 is fine (fig. 1.1), that one for players introduced in v1.4 looks rather peculiar due to excessively shortened legs (fig. 1.2). So I would like to...
  18. CrimsHallowHero

    Frustrating Things

    Wait... what? o_O How have these conclusions been made? "0.999... = 1 => 1 = 1.111..." step is beyond all understanding. Number properties have nothing to do with their ability to be represented as finite decimal fraction. In fact means of representing infinite periodic fractions exist: one of...
  19. CrimsHallowHero

    Notable pre-Hardmode weapons in early Hardmode

    It seems like star cloak + exploding bullets gimmick still works despite changelog stating "Only creates stars now when taking damage from enemy sources". I should definitely try it out before it got fixed. :) It feels a bit awkward that Hardmode darts rise Blowgun viability higher than it was...
  20. CrimsHallowHero

    WIP Buff Certain Accessories

    The idea was to make this item situationally powerful.
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