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  1. doge22

    Name Of Mod?

    theres i mod i remember that had a boss named artemis or smth and it looked like some demonic head but its boss theme was really cool but i cant remember the name of the mod, does anyone know? and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place
  2. doge22

    PS4 Rain Glitch

  3. doge22

    PS4 Rain Glitch

    Ok so when i play terraria with my friend and its all fine and nothing bad is happening, until theres rain or alot of wind and our games start freezing and kicking us out of the server
  4. doge22

    PS4 Data corrupted

    I dont know I just. I spent so many hours into that save file and world and now it’s gone I just don’t want to believe it’s truly gone I guess, is there a possibility I could help the glitch get fixed faster if I uploaded a file of the world?
  5. doge22

    PS4 Data corrupted

    And nobody responds
  6. doge22

    Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

    I forgot my characters
  7. doge22

    PS4 Data corrupted

    So there used to be A glitch in my world where it would stop loading frames for a bit at some areas but it never bothered me and once one of the updates was released it was gone but now it crashed my game and when I loaded the game again my character was gone and when I downloaded a uploaded...
  8. doge22

    whats up with the mutant's music when i spawn him by having a blue star in my inventiry the...

    whats up with the mutant's music when i spawn him by having a blue star in my inventiry the music is strange what is it
  9. doge22

    Mobile Jungle Temple above ground

    It might have been a small world cause my ipad couldn’t generate or play large worlds and im pretty sure it was from the latest mobile version And on my grandmas pc which has steam and terraria I found a world that had 4 crimson hand caves all at the same place and it had so much crimson hearts...
  10. doge22

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

    Hmmmmm, I was expecting the costume on the far right to glow blue
  11. doge22

    IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

    É (I’m just making It so I get notifications here again)
  12. doge22

    Try to guess the last poster's favorite Terraria boss!

    Guess mine, I don’t think I need To give a hint
  13. doge22

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    When will the new state of the game thing be posted
  14. doge22

    The 3000th post wins

    Has it been 3000 yet
  15. doge22

    Nooooo don’t leave please

    Nooooo don’t leave please
  16. doge22

    A what?

    A what?
  17. doge22

    Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

    Don’t Kill them
  18. doge22

    Working as Designed Queen bee

    How do I damage them off screen
  19. doge22

    Mobile NURSE IS A LIAR (iPad 7, iOS 13.5.1)

    I hadnt looked in piggy bank in awhile but once I did lots of my items were gone
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