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  1. The Hexagonal Donut

    Full Steam Ahead! tModLoader to Launch as Free DLC for Terraria with Journey's End!

    I KNEW THAT LOGO HAD TO BE MODDING RELATED! God, semi-official tModLoader implementation? This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Thank you, oh Based Re-Logic, for allowing this to come to pass! I could make a joke at Mojang's expense, but I'll be nice.
  2. The Hexagonal Donut

    Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

    Good lord, there were some amazing designs here! A little disappointed none of my personal picks made it in (though Capricorn was definitely Up There for me so I'm happy about that), but honestly the ones that did are still all awesome. If you guys do any minor updates after 1.4, though, I'd...
  3. The Hexagonal Donut

    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    You know, there was a point where I went 'I'm patient, usually, but what on earth is taking so long? Two years is an awfully long time for a mid-size update!' Now I know why! And I'm honestly perfectly happy with this. Really, there's been a lot of stuff about the game that could use some...
  4. The Hexagonal Donut

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    It's sad to hear this news (I'm two days late to the party but shut up), but alas. It's better than releasing a subpar product or letting the game spend further years in development hell. This kinda stuff is one of the reasons why I seriously respect you guys, as devs- you refuse to put out...
  5. The Hexagonal Donut

    The Thing Flinger: A Versatile New Weapon

    Technically, actually, no. Bone Glove explicitly upgrades the bones it throws; the Thing Flinger would literally just throw them as normal. The rarity damage scaling thing I suggested would only apply to stuff that doesn't have it own specific damage.
  6. The Hexagonal Donut

    The Thing Flinger: A Versatile New Weapon

    Ooooh, I like this idea. But while reading through it, I kinda had a silly thought as an alternate means of affecting damage- for everything that doesn't have an explicit effect (either damage or potion effect), rather than giving it a flat 20 damage no matter what... base it on the item's...
  7. The Hexagonal Donut

    What Thorium Mod teaches us about early game.

    I just want to say real quick that the idea of 'sequence breaking' in Terraria is a little silly; technically, of the 16 bosses you can fight in any given world (counting EoW and BoC as one since you'll usually only fight one or the other in a given world), you only need to kill 9 of them to...
  8. The Hexagonal Donut

    Yooo, long time no see. I be on Discord now as 'Hex Flareheart#0879'. Though I have my nickname...

    Yooo, long time no see. I be on Discord now as 'Hex Flareheart#0879'. Though I have my nickname set to 'The Hexagonal Donut' since rules (and I should use that name more anyway).
  9. The Hexagonal Donut

    PC Luminite Weapons! (More specifically, upgrades.)

    I elected to leave those out, as that would get a bit... Messy. Honestly, the Lunar Oculus Staff would probably be the only multi-attack minion in the entire game; three's probably enough. Really my only reason for leaving that attack out.
  10. The Hexagonal Donut

    PC Unique grappling hooks?

    As the guy who made a suggestion for a hook that operates in its own weird and unique fashion (you can find it in my signature; in fact, your last 'suggestion' basically sums my idea up), I naturally support the idea of adding more that function uniquely. However, to be blunt, your...
  11. The Hexagonal Donut

    Total Wings Rework - BIG Progression and Diversity Improvements

    I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but yeah I definitely approve of this. I've been complaining since 1.2 about how crappy some wings are for when you get them (*cough*batwings*cough*). Completely rebalancing how the wings work is definitely a great idea.
  12. The Hexagonal Donut

    Luminite Clentamintor

    Just going to point out that the distinction doesn't really exist; the only thing distance effects is whether or not it's rendered, and you're going to have problems with particles slowing things down in the renderer before you have problems with tile changes slowing down the renderer. The...
  13. The Hexagonal Donut

    Sprites The Secret Armory of the Arms Dealer - More weapons from the Arms Dealer!

    GUNS. As someone who loves Gungeon (and needs to play it more), I approve. More guns is always A Good, especially since there isn't a massive amount of saturation in that department overall. And Excaliber is definitely a 'well-played'. I didn't even noticed the pun until I looked at it again.
  14. The Hexagonal Donut

    Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

    Eyyy, your art's pretty damn cool. Definitely like them Overwatch weapons I see in there. Do you think you could do a sprite based on this thing? Doesn't have to be exact, as that model's kinda rudimentary; it is a fair bit bigger than your standard revolver, though. (Obviously should be...
  15. The Hexagonal Donut

    PC Luminite Weapons! (More specifically, upgrades.)

    Updated this thread! I finally replaced the Swarm Staff with the Lunar Oculus Staff, and replaced the sprites with @Jack Morgan 's fantastic sprites. It's only been almost a year.
  16. The Hexagonal Donut

    [Sprites] -The Cyber- a worthy adversary for the Crimson

    Indeed! ...but in all seriousness, more than likely the Cyber has trees and stuff for two reasons- one, to keep up appearances on the surface, and two, to provide what'd essentially be a giant solar panel. They're not actual plants, they're cybernetic lookalikes of plants.
  17. The Hexagonal Donut

    Ammomancer - A simple solution for infinite ammo

    Which would pretty much go hand-in-hand with when you'd get the Ammomancer, yeah. Thing is, though, it'll be much easier to notice this new NPC suddenly showing up compared to a new button just popping up in the Arms Dealer's UI. Plus a couple other things could be done with an Ammomancer NPC...
  18. The Hexagonal Donut

    Ammomancer - A simple solution for infinite ammo

    He could, but it'd be a bit strange for him to be able to magically make infinite ammo items for you. Plus, he doesn't specialize in arrows, rockets, or... really, anything else. As for the question of other ammo types, if an infinite ammo item gets made for rockets, then yes, that'd be an...
  19. The Hexagonal Donut

    PC Two new equipment slots

    You are completely missing the point, and at this point I'm done trying to discuss this. Whether or not they're as effective is NOT the point of this discussion, the point of it is that it's an option. End of story. Again. You don't like giving up something to get something else because that's...
  20. The Hexagonal Donut

    PC Two new equipment slots

    Buddy. I am way ahead of you. You are just automatically assuming we haven't read anything. And you are thusly COMPLETELY missing the point. The point of this discussion was your argument of the Cosmic Car Key only being accessible post-Golem is not a good one because there are other flying...
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