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  1. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Universal Crafter

    It's been a while, hasn't it? The Universal Crafter has been updated to 1.4. Make sure you read the tooltip & mod description, some things have changed since v2.0. Have fun, and sorry it took this long.
  2. Creeper da Snek

    Working as Designed Spicy Pepper showing as Apple for Fruit Juice and Fruit Salad recipes when consulting the Guide

    This is expected behavior. Any recipe that can use multiple items (for example, any fruit or any kind of wood) has an "iconic" item that is shown in the recipe (from the examples, the Apple and normal Wood).
  3. Creeper da Snek

    **REPORTED** Sentry of other players disappearing on outfit change

    I'm on Windows 10, and both clients (referred to as C1 and C2) and the server were hosted on my computer. 1) Both clients summon two Lunar Portals. 2) C2 switches to a new loadout with fewer sentry slots. Two of the four Lunar Portals vanish on both clients. This is already an issue, since going...
  4. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    @miningcrack Hey. Comments / discussions are disabled on the Workshop page for LuiAFK Reborn, so I guess I'll report this here. The Fairy Merchant seems to cause issues with NPC banner drawing, which is causing one of my mods to break the game. I think it has something to do with the Fairy...
  5. Creeper da Snek

    Texture Pack Editing Dyes/Hair Dyes with a texture pack?

    You can't edit most dyes with resource packs -- all of the shader xnb files are compiled code, not images, and I'm pretty sure they aren't checked when resource packs are loaded either. You can edit a few of the newer ones by replacing their color / noise maps, which I'll include a list of down...
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  7. Creeper da Snek

    I currently have no plans to update Debuff Immunity. You may do so if you would like using my...

    I currently have no plans to update Debuff Immunity. You may do so if you would like using my resources. You can find the source code and assets here: DebuffImmunity I apologize for the incredibly late response.
  8. Creeper da Snek

    I've always thought the Spirit Flame was cool.

    I've always thought the Spirit Flame was cool.
  9. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    There is no estimated date, but a 1.4 port is in progress.
  10. Creeper da Snek

    Where to find the second half of the Ballista sentry

    Extra_83, Extra_84, and Extra_85 for each of the three tiers.
  11. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Yes. (FargowiltasSouls/EModePlayer.cs at e673b2dab6dffd2c02f935583e7ab30ae2e5cc26 · Fargowilta/FargowiltasSouls)
  12. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    I’m not sure about the first part, but if your world is using thee "not the bees" seed, the Deviantt will only laugh after they've given you gifts (Fargowiltas/Deviantt.cs at dcdace5ea55b5afaed6bce5be091aa2eb5ffb5b9 · Fargowilta/Fargowiltas).
  13. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader [FIXED] Error: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

    Item.rare = ItemRarityID.Count;If you're trying to get a vanilla rarity color, change this to some other value in ItemRarityID. Otherwise, you'll need to use ModContent.RarityType<YourRarityClassHere>().
  14. Creeper da Snek

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    From Terraria.GameContent.UI.States.UIWorldCreation.ProcessSpecialWorldSeeds(string). Any capitalization of any of those strings will trigger The Constant. Do you have Fargo's Mod enabled? It has config options that enable/disable the special world flags on generation [Source].
  15. Creeper da Snek

    OOC Glitched world

    Probably the former. As far as I’m aware, the only way to allow someone to edit someone else’s posts is to make them a (forum) moderator, which won’t happen. @tunnnel king unless?
  16. Creeper da Snek

    OOC Glitched world

    Elemental, may you please just accept/deny Someone's character yet? I know I'm the last person who can really criticize for being behind on things, but Someone isn't going to stop nagging you about it until you do so. If you really just don't like the character or don't think they'll fit, then...
  17. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Error CS1503 (1.4)

    Add an appropriate IEntitySource as the first parameter to NewProjectile(), like how it’s done here: tModLoader/ExampleCloneProjectile.cs at 1.4 · tModLoader/tModLoader The article I linked has a list of sources and when to use them.
  18. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Error CS1503 (1.4)

    Projectile.NewProjectile() (and a few other methods) now have a new first parameter, an IEntitySource. You can read more about them here: IEntitySource · tModLoader/tModLoader Wiki
  19. Creeper da Snek

    tModLoader Universal Crafter

    It will be updated eventually, though I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.
  20. Creeper da Snek

    OOC Glitched world

    First off, apologies for suddenly vanishing. I know I said I'd try to get Ant free / uninvolved before I left, but then school and other things happened, so that's been fun. Given that I'm already like 10 pages behind: For all intents and purposes, Ant has vanished / gone back to his room to...
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