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  1. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Valhalla Mod [W.I.P.]

    Really like the style of this mod. It feets Vanilla Terraria almost perfectly. Keep it up, great work.
  2. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Orion Mod: Throwing Class Expansion

    Nightmare mod is alive again, wow! :eek:
  3. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Вот, держи. Только она не совсем стабильная.
  4. Vlad Terrarian

    Full Steam Ahead! tModLoader to Launch as Free DLC for Terraria with Journey's End!

    Best news I ever heard during this week!
  5. Vlad Terrarian


    Man. This mod is a great! Even that Glory mode is awesome! I have seen this mod in mod browser but I didn't though that it's that good!
  6. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader The Terraria Judgement Mod

    Wow. Those sprites are insane! :eek:
  7. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Elerium Mod (Coders Wanted)

    Мод погубили..
  8. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Great to see that this masterpiece is still alive!
  9. Vlad Terrarian

    The Balance Mod

    This mod seems to me like a big DLC for Terraria. Content fits pretty well. But still I hope you will make some of the content much unique and interesting. :)
  10. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Maybe I am late, but.. I am so glad that Antiaris was made.. Besides Tremor this mod affords lots of interest and potential. But it's still very sad that Antiaris is dead like Tremor.. I actually being hyped a lot with this mod for real. Because even it has small content but every mechanic was...
  11. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Interitos Mod - Content

  12. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Ok, so I found very annoying and kinda disappointing bug: Every time I use "Soul of Eternity" in my accessory sloot it crashes my game. (Also I use this mod with Calamity mod. And it makes this accessory freakin imbalanced.)
  13. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader The Ultranium Mod

    Man, it still alive! Great, hope to see more new stuff here! :)
  14. Vlad Terrarian

    WIP The Cosmic Cataclysm: A take on post Moon Lord Boss Rush content

    Man, that's so freakin cool, I think you should make a mod with this type of content :)
  15. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Terrorborn mod

    Always glad to see good quality mods with unique mechanics
  16. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Bismuth Mod Release

    Great to see this being remastered!
  17. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    Looks very promising
  18. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader (Released-WIP)The Nightmare Mod

    I was a spriter for Taradoxian mod but that was long time ago
  19. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

    Sadly no one. P.s This mod died long ago.
  20. Vlad Terrarian

    tModLoader Grox The Great's Mods O' Magic Revamped

    Mantid Matriarch crashes the game when it spawns. (At TML 64bit)
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