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  1. Toxophilite [East]

    A Bunch of Shimmer Transmutation Ideas

    I remember seeing this post, and not being able to comment, because I had no idea exactly what a Shimmer was just yet. 😏 🤷‍♂️ Now that I'm somewhat familiar with the "mechanic" (there's still things I don't know), these seem like very brilliant ideas! They're well-thought-out enough for the...
  2. Toxophilite [East]

    Favorite Dungeon Color?

    I don't particularly care much for one Colored Dungeon Brick over another, but I'm gonna go with Pink. It's the first Dungeon Brick I think I've ever had... I actually didn't know there were other colors for years! It has an interesting "texture" to it, almost like ever 5-10 bricks had and air...
  3. Toxophilite [East]

    Chlorophyte or Hallowed

    Okay, so this is a brief impression of Chlorophyte Set, it's effectiveness, & how it is that I came to my conclusion. ☝️🧐 For the sake of context, I didn't so much compare Chlorophyte Gear to Hallowed Gear, so much as I did compare Chlorophyte to OOA's Squire Set +Sentries. I did this only...
  4. Toxophilite [East]

    Chlorophyte or Hallowed

    Though I can't speak for Chlorophyte Armor specifically [I skipped it in my recent playthrough], I can speak for the Hallowed Set and another set that wasn't being compared here, which would be the Tier 2 AAO sets. I personally consider them to all be the same tier, only because of the...
  5. Toxophilite [East]

    Terraria 1.4.5 is Coming in 2023 - including Terraria x Dead Cells!

    I typically tried to stay away from discussions like these, because I had very little experience with Melee Class, for a very long time. Now that I'm a bit more knowledgeable [spent about 100+ hours with the Class], and it could be argued that, a discussion surrounding Melee Class is still...
  6. Toxophilite [East]

    A Quick Guide to "War Banners".

    I've made it a habit to be very intentional about what I say, discuss or post (almost anywhere). That's one of the reasons I try to provide visuals, to include much detail, but with few words as possible. The fact that there was still a misunderstanding, is indeed irritating, but I always...
  7. Toxophilite [East]

    A Quick Guide to "War Banners".

    Lately I've been trying to go into posts and discussions online, assuming some things don't need to be said but... someone's always proving me wrong, no mater where I go, heh. 😏 🤷‍♂️ Anyhow, there's a very clear and distinct difference between what we've had previously, and what currently...
  8. Toxophilite [East]

    A Quick Guide to "War Banners".

    A Quick Guide to "War Banners" - Terraria version If you're the type of Player like myself, that enjoys using "Enemy Banners" as a regular part of your gameplay, there's some obvious suggestions I'd love to throw out there to you. Assuming that we all run into similar problems, when it...
  9. Toxophilite [East]

    What's your most hated sounds on terraria?

    Not me per se, but I was playing Terraria at my brother's house, and we'd gotten into a deep discussion, that had me AFK for a lil' bit, to really pay attention to what was being said. It was night time in my game, and the Zombies were really going in with the growling and snarling [his Wife...
  10. Toxophilite [East]

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Fun Fact: Not sure if most ppl know this [because it's extremely rare], but... Nimbus Rod can actually cast out a 'dud' cloud, that'll remain inactive & visible, even after casting many more "Nimbus Clouds".
  11. Toxophilite [East]

    A Melee Class mini Review []

    Getting right to it, there's a number of interesting things I've noticed while leaving pre-Harmode, into Hardmode; about Melee Class [current main Weapon: Breaker Blade (Expert Mode, Not the Bees!)]. Ditching Molten Armor [pre-Hardmode] for the next Tiered Ore Set [Hardmode] didn't "feel" like...
  12. Toxophilite [East]

    Back In This Game After Many Years

    YouTube was a great introduction to game, but going forward, I'd recommend going in "blind". There's a large number of very cool secrets that won't quite hit the same if they get spoiled. Setting up your early to mid-game baseline, should be organic, and decided upon on your own terms [not...
  13. Toxophilite [East]

    Make the Video Visage placeable

    I know right!? [Video Visage Placeable] This suggestion made too much sense to not add! I don't know, maybe if everyone makes a big enough deal about it... ? :naughty:🤷‍♂️
  14. Toxophilite [East]

    Terraria State of the Game - November 2022

    Yet another Five Things (last set, I promise)! So normally, at this point in the game [early-Hardmode], I'd have the Queen Spider Staff and Spider Staff, but because I'm playing on a not the bees! Map, I ain't got either. Point is, I got ambushed [and surrounded] by a group of Floaty Gross...
  15. Toxophilite [East]

    Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Entry Showcase

    Though in this specific case (an online Art Contest), I would agree that your sentiment is 100% correct, the latter part of your statement is a bit off... perhaps an overreach even. 🤔☕ Digital Art indeed possesses quite a number of perks in a "microwave", "I need it right now", dopamine driven...
  16. Toxophilite [East]

    Hybrid-class weapons

    For the sake of perspective, I often like to analyze what we already have available against newer suggestions. Though I agree, this is kind of a neat idea, most players who specialize in Hybrid Builds [like myself] already use many of the niche Weapons/ Mechanics in the game, it's just not a...
  17. Toxophilite [East]

    Terraria anti cheese

    I don't really believe there is a correct or incorrect take on cheesing a video game or using exploits, but there are some caveats to consider when having these kinds of discussions, which I believe experience and skin-in-the-game adds some valuable insight; which isn't readily available to...
  18. Toxophilite [East]

    Is the suggestions forum actually used and read by the developers, or is it just for fun?

    With my very short time here in the forums, I've noticed quite a few things and also have a few suggestions for you. :)👉 How suggestions seem to work [1]. If you want to increase the likelihood of your idea being picked up by the Devs, post them on Twitter. If you have more complex ideas [with...
  19. Toxophilite [East]

    Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Entry Showcase

    ...some of these art pieces are very haunting! The painting where the Girl is helping the Zombie Guy get dressed gave me goosebumps! 👏🥶
  20. Toxophilite [East]

    Hardcore Legendary Mode

    That's interesting to know... I assumed that Don't Dig Up was another difficulty modifier/ Seed, similar to ForTheWorthy. The way it's being described, suggests that ForTheWorthy's influence is likely the reason GetFixedBoi is considered "Legendary Difficulty"; seeing as how it has both elements...
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