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  1. ScienceGuy116

    Got Cryophobia Pre-Hardmode

    Was doing Calamity malice mode, and got Cryophobia. It seemed a little OP, so I checked the wiki, and it's supposed to only drop from Cryogen. I got it from an angry dog. Any ideas on what happened?
  2. ScienceGuy116

    Bad Astral Spwan

    I thought so... I guess we'll need to farm some money! Thanks.
  3. ScienceGuy116

    Bad Astral Spwan

    I'm doing a playthrough with my friend, using a few mods. I'm playing as a rogue. We just made it into hard mode, and my best armor options are Forbidden Armor or Titan Heart Armor. However, our whole desert is crimson, so we can't get forbidden fragments, and our astral biome spawned in a...
  4. ScienceGuy116

    Does anyone else think a magic mirror/cellphone hotkey is something that could be super useful

    You're right. Just one idea, mobile can fit just one small button, pc is fine, but console is the problem. It would just need to be a basic keybind that you can set, like mabye right/left stick down, or one of the arrows.
  5. ScienceGuy116

    Does anyone else think a magic mirror/cellphone hotkey is something that could be super useful

    what if switching to a magic mirror instantly used it then swapped back to whatever you were just at, similar to how they worked in 1.2 mobile.
  6. ScienceGuy116

    Teleporter teleporting player back to first teleporter

    it probably thinks you're stepping on the plate on the other teleporter. That's only a guess though.
  7. ScienceGuy116

    Ask a Lunatic Cultist

    What do you think of your followers?
  8. ScienceGuy116

    **REPORTED** Bug where monsters are phasing through blocks

    I'm playing on mobile, and I've been getting the same problem. It is mostly chaos elementals and lizhards when they drop on all four legs.
  9. ScienceGuy116

    Ask a random blue slime anything!

    How did the king slime get his ninja?
  10. ScienceGuy116

    Random Chitchat Thread

    hablo poco espanol hi
  11. ScienceGuy116

    Killing Plantera twice

    Yes, it is, because no bosses are ever locked after killing them.
  12. ScienceGuy116

    Resolved [Switch] Any rod of discord farming tips?

    Just clear a large area out for spawns. That's it. You just have to get lucky. I have been farming for a while, and I've gotten two blessed apples. No rod though.
  13. ScienceGuy116

    The Leaf Wings need a bit more nerfing

    One idea is to have the witch doctor sell a crafting material to make a leaf set and weapons, and also the wings. It would only be slightly cheaper, and would need only one or two per item.
  14. ScienceGuy116

    Mobile Console and mobile really need faster updates

    Mobile is likely to be out this year.
  15. ScienceGuy116

    Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

    The optic staff summons Spazmamini and Retanimini, so is it Scleremini?
  16. ScienceGuy116

    Terrafine - Resized Terraria Texture Pack

    this looks amazing
  17. ScienceGuy116

    Working as Designed Im not sure how to charge up my Medusa's Head

    The medusa head has been reworked to do that
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