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  1. chuckster.

    PC Retro Styled Health Bars

    of course!! ^^
  2. chuckster.

    PC The Petri Dish Slime Pet, REBORN!

    rather than using the excuse of surprises can we actually have a picture please
  3. chuckster.

    PC Dark Wizard

    love it
  4. chuckster.

    PC Emojitron v1

  5. chuckster.

    Texture Pack The Unholy Waters

  6. chuckster.

    Mowed Grass Texture Pack

    really simplistic, love it
  7. chuckster.

    PC StoneGold UI (1.4)

    that makes total sense. to me the white just looked a little too bright... im sure you can get it to look great though!
  8. chuckster.

    PC Alternate Zoologists

    uhh this is literally that? just get the one with no tail or ears or transformation.
  9. chuckster.

    PC StoneGold UI (1.4)

    cool stuff, but some of the colours look odd, like the outline around the heart and mana symbols.
  10. chuckster.

    Spectre & Pillar UI

    awesome stuff. could you try doing the boss HP bar?
  11. chuckster.

    Potion Unification Pack

    an update would be great
  12. chuckster.

    PC Retro Styled Health Bars

    Retro Styled Health Bars I am a huge fan of the retro style mini-map and the new bar styled HP graphic, but the gold, metallic look of the HP bar just didn't mesh well with the simplistic, blue mini-map. So I made this for people seeking a more consistent experience. There are 2 versions, one...
  13. chuckster.

    PC Alternate Zoologists

    great stuff, the zoologist felt so out of place but finally i can just have humans again :cool: (well and a goblin too..)
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