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  1. Frous

    Member-Run Project Pixel art discord server announcement (Pixcord)

    Hello, people. So I've decided starting up a discord server mainly focused on art and benefit you via constructive criticism or compliments, also trying to make the server be fun or worthwhile for members. We have set up Daily and Weekly Challenges we assign to hopefully bring the members a...
  2. Frous

    Ask me something!

    Hai! You can ask me everything, if it doesn't includes sexual things or personal information (you can still ask me about my life) so there we go! ask!
  3. Frous

    Xbox 360 Brain of Cthulhu Bug

    When i was playing, i wanted to kill Brain of cthulhu, but when i broke up all the 3 demon hearts, eaters of world spawned, i tried to summon it with shadow orbs, but was the same, i had to farm all the time to get vertebraes, after 3 minutes of farming, no enemies spawned, i've waited like 5...
  4. Frous

    Pixel Art Frous' Pixel Reality

    Hello, my name is Frous ;) I've been a spriter for a good while around, I've worked in multiple mods, including Calamity, one of the biggest terraria mods so far. [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] I hope you liked them :). Request AND Commissions are OPEN If you will request...
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