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    PC Please overhaul the Chinese localization

    I had played Terraria in the 1.3 era. Translation back then had a few issues but generally fine. Recently I started playing 1.4 and I can't stand the Chinese translation anymore. Some terms that were fine in 1.3 have been changed and don't make any sense. For example, spike now becomes 斯派克...
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    PC Artificial biome requirement changes?

    The wiki did update. Turns out that a full stack of snow blocks simply isn't enough. Snow, desert and mushroom biomes all require 1500 blocks. Wiki says hallow requires only 125 blocks. Did you ignore some mini plants? For other...
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    PC Artificial biome requirement changes?

    We need to dig into source to know how biomes work. I think(guess?) some people are already doing this. Keep an eye on wiki updates.
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    PC New wiring items upon 1.4 update

    Some friends of mine and I have checked through changelog, Builder's workshop and source code and found a number of new wiring items. The process was manual so it's possible that we missed something. The wiki has been updating but have not yet reached many we have studied, so I decide to post...
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    PC Fastest Slime Farm To Date?!?!

    You may put statues in lava directly and use conveyor belts to transport staffs although gels are lost. Video showcase on jellyfish statue:
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    Guide Teleporter-Weighted Pressure Plate Glitch

    I suppose that the inserted wiring process would take over all variables in the parent process (e.g. logic gates to be activated) and mess up the parent process. I haven't done any experiment. To make it safe, don't place weighted pressure plates on teleporters unless you are ready for...
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    PC Random Decimal Number Generator (Including display)

    This is what I made a long time ago. Basically you can ignore the shifter at the bottom and only focuse on the randomizer at the top which is combined of 5 logic gates. Once you activate the switch, the green wire has equal opportunity to be activated for 0 to 5 times. This device was designed...
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    PC [Showcase] Auto-aim turrets!

    A more compact design. video showcase
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    PC 8-bit CPU

    The branching commands only jump to a fixed address, so function call is not possible. Anyway I should study how you build your data path. I have put my computer plan for a while since building the data path is painful.
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    How to make NPC stay at the top of the house?

    Try moving the lamp and the workbench to the bottom.
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    Guide Teleporter-Weighted Pressure Plate Glitch

    It is (well?) known that developers have had 'fixed' the infinite-loop caused by teleporters connected to weighted pressure plates. However, the way the developers used is too naive so that another glitch arises. Let me show the glitch before explaining it. This thread is to explain why this...
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    An Official Introduction to Terrarian 1.3.1 Wiring & Mechanics

    It seems that you used a lazier implementation than you described. If a weighted plate is triggered, all teleporters stop working until the end of the current running wiring iteration (or maybe branch?), even if the plate is not connected by any wire. ;) The result is a guess based on this...
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    PC How does multiplayer affect spawning?

    Yes. I suppose the wiki explains this. There is a soft cap (around 5~15) for each player and a hard cap of 200 in the entire game. No. Because there is a 255 (or maybe 256) player cap. Not even possible to cover a small world. For edited smaller world, yes.
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    Is a "Smart" Teleporter System Useful?

    That makes sense. Wiring in multiplayer is glitchy and annoying. Some of my friends run a server. I told them I could help with wiring, but they said: NO. If a mod fixes wiring issues in multiplayer, please let me know. For complex stuffs in multiplayer, maybe try hoiks and dart-pads, they...
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    Is a "Smart" Teleporter System Useful?

    Yes, we often feel that we need some items to make wiring more convenient. But the thing is that we need to accept a standard on how powerful the items are, or we end up like "I'm gonna make a new mod to achieve this" instead of "I'm gonna think and create a new technic". Also, the vanilla is...
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    Is a "Smart" Teleporter System Useful?

    That's why we don't consider mod wiring. Mod is so powerful that it makes wiring trivial.
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    World load detector

    Cool. Does this device have a delay after world load? If it does, how about this one:
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    PC [Guide] Block All Moon Lord's Attacks

    The video is raw without any editing. Some points you need to know before understanding this strategy: Projectile limit NPC limit Old One's Army tricks Dummy...
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