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    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    this is a amazing mod... can you keep update it?
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    it the mulitplayer server working here with windows? and how i make one? plz help
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    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    how to reset the skill points?
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    Tales of the Terrarian

    Use water bolt Use Flower of fire on the red place and water bolt on the blue place
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    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Go Engineer! Buy a Better Boot and Try Again !
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    can this mod play multiplayer?
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    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    can this mod work on multiplayer ?
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    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    dose this mod update every day?
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    Official Beta Testers Applications

    i wish i was 1 week older....
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    Official Beta Testers Applications

    can i do a beta tester if i was 3 week to the 16? :indifferent: I did played 1500 hour terraria on PC and finish terraria on IOS
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    Official Beta Testers Applications

    3 week to 16 years old...
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