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  1. anejat

    Switch Who wants to help me build a mansion?

    I think it'd take me 2 days to build it, and another day to add small details I missed when I told you how to do it. I mean that you could do it in 3 days, but I think it would require working for one hour in the first 2 days and 30 minutes for the third. So I think it could be done in 3 days...
  2. anejat

    Switch Who wants to help me build a mansion?

    Here is a blueprint: PART I First, we need to select a full theme for your mansion. For instance, the mansion design you chose was in the "vortex" style looking like the vortex pillar and stuff like that. All I can think of with the gradiant rainbow is a "gamer mouse" style... So, we need to use...
  3. anejat

    I would like to see some elaborate ways build a death trap

    'ya know what you should do? buid a pit of spikes, fill it with active stone blocks and connect them to a gray pressure plate. NO ONE WOULD SUSPECT!
  4. anejat

    Switch Who wants to help me build a mansion?

    "Wide and tall" isn't really a good explanation, I need some more more details: A -How much floors will this mansion have? B -How tall will these floors be? C -What will this mansion be made out of? (Example: gold bricks, smooth marble, platinum bricks, etc.) D -How much rooms will be in each...
  5. anejat

    NPC Consept Idea

    I dunno, perhaps it could be that you couldn't gift them when they are too happy; I really never thought of that... :dryadrolleyes:
  6. anejat

    NPC Consept Idea

    THE WARRIOR NPCs In this thread, I'll be sharing an idea of mine that I would really love to share. The consept is an AI change in NPCs; So, when a normal NPC's HP is 25% or less, their AI will change and they will not attack enemies, instead they will "run away" and will run in a faster...
  7. anejat

    A Build or two by Fawlkire

    I don't think using ebonwood walls as beams is a nice idea, I'd recommend using bamboo walls painted brown since it looks more realistic. And I think living wood looks too natural, ebonwood -again, painted brown- with dynasty wood would look nicer. And I need to state that it's still very nice...
  8. anejat

    First (elaborate) Build

    Very nice! Perhaps a little simple, bun nice and calm!
  9. anejat

    PC My first build! An evil, Halloween, wizard castle! Any improvements I could make?

    I'd recommend you use another type of platform than spooky wood platform in your staircase designs, because these types of staircases are meant to look 3d and spooky wood platforms aren't much of a great choice for that. Also, I think you should have had less torches in this base in places where...
  10. anejat

    The Rouge Cultist

    Ultimate creativity... That's all I could say.
  11. anejat

    tModLoader Looking for coder maybe 2 for a good mod idea

    Well, I am not the best coder, but I do collect these ideas. So if you give me an example suggestion, I might help to make it popular!
  12. anejat

    Lumberjack NPC idea

    I just can't dislike such perfect ideas!!! `;)
  13. anejat

    Shadow fury - an idea for a new whip

    Oh yeah! Nice ideas everywhere!:cool:
  14. anejat

    New idea for a mod, but I'm not a modder.

    Perfect, and Ford Prefect!
  15. anejat

    Console New hook idea

    I always thought of Scorpion's hook in terraria making you able to not only to pull in enemies, but also grapple to bosses. This is another idea so similar to what I thought! <3
  16. anejat

    Idea for the game's story

    Well, such thing has never been done before in terraria history, and that's the reason I'd like such a thing! :dryadgrin:
  17. anejat

    PC Standard bearer (accessory idea)

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