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  1. temery2383

    Phaseblade / Phasesaber tooltip

    That's probably better than either of mine, tbh. I didn't even think of that one lol.
  2. temery2383

    Phaseblade / Phasesaber tooltip

    I actually looked it up because I was looking for iconic Mace Windu quotes (there aren't very many, pretty much my only other decent option was "The Senate will decide your fate").
  3. temery2383

    Block Juice

    Weird, but I like it.
  4. temery2383

    cursed rock

    Lol, it certainly seems that way sometimes.
  5. temery2383

    Phaseblade / Phasesaber tooltip

    Perhaps different tooltips for different colors to represent iconic characters with those lightsabers? Red: "I am your father." (Darth Vader, The Empire Strikes Back) Green: "Do or do not." (Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back) Blue: "Hello there." (Obi Wan Kenobi, Revenge of the Sith) Purple: "He's...
  6. temery2383

    Mobile Add new biome

    What sort of new biomes would you like to see? I'm sure you could come up with some pretty neat ideas if you give it some thought. ;)
  7. temery2383

    What are your creepiest stories from playing Terraria?

    I think I've actually heard about this happening before lol. It's been a super long time, but it sounds familiar.
  8. temery2383

    Reinforced slime gun

    The slime gun is just a novelty item so it's kind of meant to be useless, but I really love this idea as a fun little bonus in multiplayer. It keeps the "useless" novelty of it, but makes it even more fun than before.
  9. temery2383


    In game terms, that really does seem like ages lol. I just figured it might be an interesting tidbit of information.
  10. temery2383

    0th Second

    So if I'm understanding you correctly, you want the visual timer to round up instead of down? (Start at 1 minute or whatever the length of the buff is, end at 1)
  11. temery2383

    PC Strength of doors

    Согласен. Очень немногие монстры могут сломать двери, поэтому нет особых причин добавлять это. Я также использую переводчик. English: I agree. Very few monsters can break doors, so there's not much reason to add this. I'm also using a translator.
  12. temery2383

    0th Second

    I think the "0th second" as you call it just means that there's less than 1 second remaining on the timer, but the buff or debuff is still active until the icon goes away.
  13. temery2383


    April 21, 2017. Here's what the wiki says about it:
  14. temery2383

    Nazar was dropping like candy, now it wont drop

    Basically, yes. RNG can be a booger sometimes.
  15. temery2383

    Nazar was dropping like candy, now it wont drop

    He's saying that the 1% or 1/100 chance (2% or 1/50 in expert mode) doesn't mean that out of every 100 or 50 possible drops, you're guaranteed to get 1. Rather, you have the same chance of a drop each time. It's completely possible (though very unlikely) to roll a 100-sided die many times in a...
  16. temery2383

    Mobile How to get higher waves in Solo Frost Moon?

    Good to hear that it's working for you! Just keep at it!
  17. temery2383

    Mobile How to get higher waves in Solo Frost Moon?

    It may be a good idea to set up a sort of "spawning zone" so that everything spawns in the same area and you can move through waves quicker. Make a platform high in the air, flatten the area where you want things to spawn, and make sure the area around it is non-spawnable.
  18. temery2383

    Chimneys! Maybe Fireplaces???

    I definitely think more chimney/fireplace options would be nice. Though maybe not every brick (there are 29 different types of bricks in the game). Perhaps it should be narrowed down to like 10 or so. Here are the ones I think should be included: red brick blue/green/pink dungeon bricks...
  19. temery2383

    Reverse Hammering

    What mode are you talking about? The hammer wouldn't really have modes that need labeling, just a left-click function and a right-click function that would probably be indicated in the tooltip.
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